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11 Signs Your Squad Is Tight AF

Ang kulit ng WhatsApp group niyo.

1. You’re in your mid-twenties, but you still do sleepovers. Only this time, you can afford to check in to semi-fancy hotels for a relaxing staycation. Like before, you paint each other’s toe nails and swap horror stories about your boyfriends and/or suitors! Mani-pedi + chikahan = SO. MUCH. WIN.

 2. Every time you check your phone, there’s about a hundred Viber/WhatsApp/FB Messenger messages waiting to be read! And you just put your phone down like two minutes ago. Sepanx much?

3. When there’s a milestone achieved (i.e. birthdays, proposals, career highs), there needs to be a barkada celebration. Dinner and drinks in The Fort? G!

4. In the same way, when one of you is going through some deep shit (i.e. breakups, family tragedies, and/or quarter-life crises), everyone’s there for full-on support. Let’s get drunk in The Fort? G pa din!

5. Traveling together is a tradition. You’ve told each other that you want to see the world together, and you actually do it! Whether it’s a simple road trip or a vacay outside of the country, the whole squad takes time away from the daily grind to bond and nurture the friendship.

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6. Your IG feeds are filled to the brim with groufies. Of course, because #SquadGoals.

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7. You’ve got each other’s backs. When someone messes with your crew, it becomes everybody’s business. 

8. You don’t mess with each other’s exes. That’s just wrong on so many levels. Besides, who wants sloppy seconds anyway? Friends > Boyfraaaaan.

9. There’s a specific role for everyone in the group, and it all works harmoniously. You have the mom to ward off creepers on the prowl; you’ve got the designated driver for when the others can’t hold their liquor; then there’s the secret keeper and sage advice giver. These hats might rotate once in awhile, but you all know how to assume the job you’re given.

10. Your parents talk to your friends as if they’re their daughters, too! O iha, wag kayo magpapa-gabi ah! Malilintik kayo sa akin!” “Yes, tita! Don’t worry!”

11. And that’s because, it’s no longer just a friendship. With your squad, it feels like family.

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