11 Types Of Friends Everyone Makes In College

That one friend who seems to party more than study.

1. The Sosyal One

Slightly too full of humblebrags, but ultimately, a good egg who always get the first round of drinks and won't hesitate to offer the services of her chauffered car. Will break your poor, jealous heart by spending the equivalent of your monthly allowance on a pair of shoes in one go, but all is forgiven immediately when they offer up a weekend break in their very big house in Batangas.

2. The Messy One

Can be identified by their three-day-old pajamas and impressive collection of dry shampoo cans. Laid back and super friendly, but you don't dare enter their bedroom for fear of upsetting the delicate equilibrium of moldy mugs, yesterday's underwear, and towering stacks of readings. And the last time you were in there, you swear you saw a mouse. Eek.

3. The Parent

Wholesome as wheat bread. Can be found helping drunk friends throw up, nagging you to eat a proper lunch, or cleaning up after everyone else. Supplier of things you thought only your mom bought, like staple wires or legal paper, and the one you go to for important foodie questions, like how to properly cook rice on the stove.

4. The Study Buddy

The dream combination of someone who went to all of the lectures you were too hungover to attend, and is actually willing to share their notes with you. Owns ALL of the stationery and basically has their own reserved spot in the library (it doesn't actually have their name on it, but God forbid anyone else tries to sit there). Literally impossible for them not to graduate with honors.

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5. The Party Animal

The first one you call when planning a night out, and the first call you make the morning after to make sure they're still alive. An expert in turning a quick drink at the inuman across campus into an evening of dancing on tables; the type of person who plans bi-weekly drinking sessions and makes sure everyone's got a ticket to org parties. Asks to be saved from imminent disaster from time to time, but will pay you back in gin and hilarious anecdotes.

6. The Overachiever

Part of countless orgs, goes to the gym three times a week, eats nutritious dinners every night, raises money for charity, and somehow, inexplicably, still on track for the Dean's List. Potentially a vampire or some kind of wizard that needs no sleep, but hang around with them long enough and some of the magic might rub off. Most likely to become President or CEO of Google or something.

7. The Hipster 

Wears cooler clothes than you, listens to cooler music, watches films that you've never even heard of and knew about the "next big thing" a year before you didbut somehow still wants to be your friend. Great for getting you in to events you haven't even seen flyers for and helping you network with people in creative industries.

8. The Fashionista

Complains about being broke like everyone else, but miraculously always has money for clothes and makeup shopping. Supplies most of your outfits for nights out (and if you're honest, your lipstick and hairspray too). Can walk in heels higher than a fully-grown toddler, and wears them to 9 a.m. lectures. Won't think twice about sprinting in them once the bell rings, too.

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9. The Paparazzi

Takes 90% of the pictures you're tagged in on Facebook. Obsessed with capturing any mundane event ("Meeting at Pancake House!") and permanently glued to their phonesa day without a tweet or a status instigates a state of panic. Slightly annoying when persistently sharing unflattering pictures of your three chins, but does post Starbucks check-ins that stop your mom calling to ask where you are every 10 minutes.

10. The Creative

Heavily into art or drama (or a deadly combo of both). Has their head firmly in the clouds and often forgets to perform daily tasks when caught up in their "flow" or "process." Generally found covered in paint or wearing "costumes." Attends poetry slams for fun and will perform show tunes on request.

11. The Activist

Just wants to make the world a better placeany worthy cause going, they've got a petition they'll make you sign. Might spend their Saturdays at protests rather than the coffee shopbut can make vegan brownies taste as good as normal ones (and you should know, because you've eaten an entire pan of them on more than one occasion).

This article originally appeared on Cosmopolitan.co.uk. Minor edits have been made by the Cosmo.ph editors. 

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