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12 Reasons Your College Friends Will Always Be The Best

You may or may not be bonded for life because you did a few semi-illegal things together.

1. They were there for all your Big Girl firsts. That time you quarter-life-panicked because you realized there was no future with your English degree? Nicole was there for that. Nicole made jokes the whole time and brought a two-piece Chickenjoy later that night.

2. You realized you were #IndependentWomen together. "We're, like, not teenagers anymore," you told Cheska one night after your first #FiammaFreshFridays in freshman year. "We are, like, Grown Ass Women who don't need boys or parents!" You and Cheska proceed to order Mcdonald's at 2 a.m. and reminisce about how far away high school feels, and how you really feel like you've grown up in the past three months.

3. They will always play a part in your most epic stories. It's amazing what you can accomplish when you're drunk on cheap alcohol and surrounded by people who are high on life and #college.

4. There is nothing greater in the world than a freshmen year #TBT. Though you want to kill Thea for posting that selfie from freshman year, you also re-gram that shit and throw it in a Facebook album. Memories, yo.

5. They are the only people who have seen you on a 4.a.m Nutella binge. True friendship is solidified on (totally sober) nights when you stay in and crush jars weird foods. Your college friends have seen a side of you that would terrify most of your adult friends.

6. They were there when you were homesick. They were there when you realized you had lost some of the people you loved the most in high school. They were there when you went home for the first time in a long, long time and they understand that unsettling weight of everything being different now.


7. They were there when you realized the Real World was coming. And they absolutely panicked with you.

8. You nursed each other back to health at least four times. "Nicole, I'm not even kidding, I'm dying," you texted mid-finals week. "Obv I don't want to get you sick but the nurse told me I'm either pregnant or I have a sinus infection so now I'm panicking, can you just come help please I love you sorry." Nicole is there in five minutes and is immune to how gross you are because, honestly, she has seen you vomit, pee, and totally naked at least 12 times.

9. You may or may not be bonded for life because you did a few semi-illegal things together. Hehehe #YOLO.

10. They taught you basic life skills you use to this day. Cheska taught you how to do your laundry, go to the bank, and other Grown Up Things. Thanks, Cheska.

11. You're extra grateful to see them when you do because they live so far away. The post-grad diaspora is real and sad. What isn't sad is making super fun plans to travel and see each other. Sara moved back to Cebu; Cheekie is now based in Davao. You are going to Cebu and Davao!

12. When you do get to see each other in Post-College Adult Life, you're immediately your goofy college selves again and no one gets your inside jokes. Because friendship.

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