13 Fashion (And Life) Lessons From The Movies

After reading this, maybe you can say, "Everything I learned about fashion, I learned from HBO." And Cosmo, of course.

“Dress as if you’ll meet the one today.”

This is the “fashion lesson” from Only You, a ‘90s rom-com starring Marisa Tomei and a dashing, pre-rehab Robert Downey Jr. In the film, Marisa’s character, Faith, took off for Italy in the spur of the moment to chase Damon Bradley, the guy she believes to be her destiny. But even in her desperate haste, the love-struck woman still managed to pack a ravishing red number that’s sure to catch the eye of the long-awaited Mr. Bradley. Well, guess what? She did meet the one that same night while wearing the aforementioned red dress.

Ditto for Nana, a Japanese rock n’ roll flick where the eponymous heroine attended a rock concert in an arresting red Vivienne Westwood creation, perhaps subconsciously hoping she’d meet Mr. Right in the mosh pit. (And she did.) So, our point: in both flicks, the ladies stepped out dressed for a momentous meeting, although neither was sure when and where exactly it would take place. What matters was that they set out for the day fashionably prepared.

These are just a couple of the gazillion “life lessons in fashion” we can pick up from the silver screen. As if you don’t know by now, fashion is a tool—and we’ve got 13 pieces of sartorial advice on how you can wield it to your advantage. Browse through our gallery and see which of these wise, wise lessons you’ve already put into practice. Can you think of any other cinematic fashion lessons? Share them when you comment below!

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