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13 Struggles Only Smiley Girls Go Through



1. Guys think you're so into them.

Guys can be so assumero sometimes. LOL. Just 'cos you're smiling, it doesn't mean you have a crush on them! It means you're having fun listening or chatting, or you're just in a good mood.

Also, maybe it's those guys who're so into you!


2. Guys will say you led them on and will probably hate you for it.

This is what happens when people assume things! You were just smiling for crying out loud! Bawal na ba?!

3. People think you're feeling close.

Because you smile a lot, you look like you want to make friends with everybody and know more about their lives. Well, to be fair, you can be very friendly, but it's not like you're the intruding type.

4. People talk to you about their issues.

They're the ones approaching you, not the other way around! You, on the other hand, are just being a good person by listening. They must trust you a lot for divulging private stuff (thanks to your smiley face) or they just desperately need someone to talk to. Could be both.

5. Some people think you're dumb.

You're not sure why they think that about you because you seriously can't see the connection. ~*Could they possibly be blinded by your disarming smile?*~ Yeah, you wish. They probably think you haven't learned enough about life to be serious. (On the contrary, you've gone through things that made you realize life's too short to be serious all the time.)

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6. People think you live in a bubble.

"Dahell is she so happy about? Life sucks." What do they think, that you're four years old? Of course you know life's hard and some things about it suck, like poverty, human trafficking, and starvation. You just have a happy face, okay!

7. People think you're laughing or smiling at the wrong time.

Nooooooo, you weren't mocking your boss when she was giving you feedback! You were just nodding your head and listening and repeating what she was saying for clarifications, and smiling. Really! :)

8. Some people think you're pranking them.

"I like your dress!" or "Pst, you got something on your face." You mean it when you say it! You're not joking all the time! Just sometimes. Hehe.

9. People think they can boss you around.

And those people do boss you around and power trip. It's frustrating, but you do love surprising them and showing them who's who. BITCH PLS. *Z snap*


10. People think your life is perfect and you have no problems.

We all have our own baggage. Some people just know when to set them aside and not let those affect their work.

11. People go crazy when you give some #RealTalk.

Unexpected, they say? Nah. You just give the #RealTalk at the right time and place.

12. Or they think that the world is ending the moment you channel your sassy side.

You just want to tell them all, "Come on, people! I can be bitchy and icy too!" It's not that hard, y'know.

13. People think you're just charming your way through all the time.

They think that you're not exceptionally smart, industrious, or talented, and that you get away with being average by smiling your way through and looking pretty. Uh, NO. You think you're awesome and worthy of where you stand now! And, okay, assuming you're not all that great, you're LUCKY to have what you have. And is it really your fault that other people let appearances fool them?


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