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14 Struggles Of Being Totally Unphotogenic

Can you delete that photo please?

1. Finding a new Facebook profile picture is a rare occurrence. 

As a result, every single online or social media profile picture you have has the same image.

2. You're constantly awaiting social media notifications after a night out.

Just in case you need to quickly untag yourself. Stealth. 

3. You take approximately 100 selfies every time you've done your hair and makeup.

Only to decide you hate every single one and give up.

4. The front-facing camera is possibly the worst thing that could ever have been invented.

5. You're constantly asking people to delete that picture. 

Yes, they all look great, but you look like a potato.

6. As a result, you're much kinder when uploading your own images.

If your bestie isn't really looking her best, you won't make the image available for public viewing. #Solidarity.

7. What's a good side?

8. You've practiced your selfie face in the mirror many times.

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It doesn't help. 

9. Hiding behind people in group pictures is a skill you have mastered.

10. Filter the hell out of everything. 

That's your mantra.

11. No matter how many times your parents tell you that your graduation picture hanging up in their house is "lovely" you shall not be convinced.

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Ditto school pictures. 

12. You don't understand why you look so terrible in pictures.

Because, to be quite honest, you looked the bomb diggity before you left the house.

13. No, you're not fishing for compliments when you say you look terrible in that picture.

You do look terrible in that picture. 

14. But life is for living, not for living through a lens (or something like that).

So who's really the winner here?


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