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14 Things Kids Who Grew Up With Single Parents Know Too Well

Our parents are superheroes. Galing 'di ba?

1. As a preschooler, you went through the stage of questioning why all the other kids in your class have mommies and daddies and you only have one.

2. Your annual Foundation Day in school meant your mom or dad carrying EVERY equipment there is to take photos and videos of your field demonstration: tripod, camera, video cam, polaroid–all in one hand!

3. Back in gradeschool and highschool, report card day was not as nerve-racking for you compared to your classmates who had to face the wrath of two parents at home. “Lol, hindi ako masyadong kakabahan if ever may line of 7 ako. At least isang sermon lang! Good luck with your moms AND dads, classmates!”

4. While your classmates have their moms and dads present on Recognition Day, you have a mom and lolo/lola or a dad and lolo/lola combo! Cute kaya!

5. Asking for permission was never a tedious process for you. Unlike others who suffer being tossed back and forth by their parents, you only have your mom OR dad to convince. “Itanong mo sa mommy mo” or “Okay lang sa'kin kung okay din daddy mo” are lines that you never had to deal with. Bleh!

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6. Questions like “What happened to your parents?” and “Okay ka lang ba with that situation?” are the things you hear… ON REPEAT. “I'm perfectly fine! It may seem miserable to some, but hey, I’m doing great!"

7. You technically grew up with your lolos and lolas. Your grannies are a treasure to you, and you would not trade them for anything in the world.

8. You’re a strong person, and can deal with any kind of situation. You’ve been through a lot, and the fact that you are what you are today means that you are a solid, solid individual.

9. Your friends are very fond of your parent. They’re always at your house, and your mom or dad always welcomes them with soda. And chips. And pizza. And the list goes on. “Hi tita! Looking blooming ah!” and “we miss your adobo na tito!” are what your friends usually have to say.

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10. Being a part of a broken family DOES NOT mean that you are a broken person. In fact, this situation has made you more understanding, patient, and appreciative of the things around you.

11. You are more meticulous when it comes to romantic relationships. You are determined to find the right person who will be there for you when times get rough, and you promised yourself that you will build a strong family once it’s your turn to start one.

12. Doing things independently is a normal thing for you. Washing your own clothes? No problem! Cleaning your own room? Chicken lang yan!

13. Your mom or dad is your bestest friend in the world. From love problems to career dilemmas, they will be there to listen. Every. Single. Time.

14. Fights between you and your mom or dad are inevitable. Once in a while, you drive each other nuts, but at the end of the day, you always live by the saying “It’s you and me against the world.” Aww!

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