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15 Types Of Friends Everyone Has On A Night Out

But which one are you?

1. The One Who Peaks While Pregaming

So you're having a quick glass of wine at home before you head to the cool bar that just opened around the corner and... Oh wait, nope, Michelle's already drunk AF and looks like she might start making out with the neighbor's cat. Often results in postponing the night by a few hours while she has some pancit canton.

2. The One Who Likes A Bit Of Drama

Usually along the lines of "Is that girl's boyfriend looking at me? Should I say something?" or "You know Anton from accounts that you thought had a crush on you? Yeah, he's been texting me and I think he might want to start something." Sassy Sara's on the loose and looking for some drama.

3. The One Who Makes Best Friends With People In The Toilet

There's always that one friend who goes to the toilet for a quick pee and ends up spending 45 minutes in there talking to the lady who keeps everything clean and a group of girls who she thinks know her sister. They don't. 

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4. The One Who Cries

It's hard to tell whether a crying drunk is upset over her drink having too many blobs of ice in it or if her boyfriend has just broken up with her. Twenty minutes and some nacho chips later, chances are she'll forget why she was crying and wonder why she has mascara on her chin.

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5. The One Who Won't Stop Requesting Songs At The DJ Booth

"Hey, play 'Roses' please!" *five minutes later* "OMG, this is my jam! Wonder if he'll play 'Sorry' if I ask nicely?"

6. The One Who Mothers The Rest Of The Group

While someone peaked at pre-game and someone else is having a cry, the mother hen of the group is ferociously leaving messages on the Viber group asking where everyone is and seeing how many Ubers she should book home. Usually a bit more sober than everyone else with those fancy fold-up flat shoes in her bag. OH, THE SENSIBLE.

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7. The One Who Is Always On The Prowl

Despite being on the "girls' night" you've had planned for the past five weeks, there's always that one friend who can't help but be on the lookout for a potential guy at the bar. Not passing judgment, just sayin'.

8. The One Who Wants To Talk About Feelings

Whether you're waiting for a taxi, lining up to pee, or in the middle of the dance floor, one friend is probably trying to have a deep meaningful conversation with you about why her brother didn't return her phone call or how much she likes babies. What is it with alcohol encouraging us to feel ALL THE FEELINGS?

9. The One Who Pukes Everywhere

Yep, the inevitable friend who can't handle her alcohol and is always running to the restroom because she's had one too many tequila shots. Often ends up being the same friend who is...

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10. The One Who Insists She's Sober

Girl, even The Rock wouldn't be sober after the amount of double vodka shots you've had. Now someone get the hot waiter from the bar's attention and ask him to pass some napkins, or we'll have to ditch this place and take her home.

11. The One Who Loses Everything

There's always that one person who wakes up the next morning and realizes she's lost EVERYTHING except that 500 peso bill stuffed in her bra. No credit card, no license, no phone, and usually down to one high heel and half a fake eyelash. RIP to all their personal belongings.

12. The One You Can Never Find

Despite insisting you'll all stay by each other's side and try to keep in touch on the group chat if you get separated, one girl can't help but leave everyone behind and turn up looking a little bit dishevelled as you're getting into a cab home. WHERE DOES SHE GO? NARNIA?

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13. The One Who Won't Leave The Dance Floor

You know that friend who thinks she's Beyonce and dances like there's no tomorrow as soon as you hit the club despite saying she felt a bit sick on the way there, and yet you can't drag her away from the middle of the dance floor for the rest of the night? Yeah, her.

14. The One Who Always Insists On Shots


15. The One Who Says She Wants To Party And Then Leaves Really Early

We all have that one friend who says she's ready for a fab night out and ends up going home after a single rum and Coke and paying an exorbitant amount of money for a table, for no apparent reason except the fact they don't actually want to be there. Agh.


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