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15 Ways to Meet New People

Practice your social skills by following these tips to meet new people!

1. Smile. It sounds simple because it is. Smile and you'll automatically appear 10 times more approachable.

2. Hold a dinner party and instruct everyone to bring along a guest you've never met.

3. Instead of emailing your concern to the office admin you've never seen face to face, pay him a friendly visit at his cubicle. He'll remember you for it and would most likely address your concern then and there.

4. Bake. And then gift your creations to neighbors.

5. Walk your pooch. Dog owners rock! (And they're friendly too!)

6. Get sweaty. Sign up to play Frisbee, a running club, anything. There's no "I" in team!

7. Inquire with the couple in line next to you at the restaurant's seat queue if they go to that place often. If they do, ask for their recommended dish. If not, give them yours.

8. Ask the new person at work if she has lunch plans. Use the hour to charm her socks off.

9. Go back to school. Sign up for a course at a nearby college (no skipping class, okay?). Then suggest an end-of- semester party.

10. Tell the woman in the pedicure seat next to you that you love the colors she’s chosen (even if you don't).

11. Go to ladies' night on any given Tuesday. You'll meet more people than you'll ever remember.

12. Ask your BF to organize a night out for his foot-ball/basketball/soccer league. The only requirement is that they bring their girlfriends along. If it goes well, ditch the boys next time.

13. Ask a hottie barista to tell you more about the coffee drink of the day. You might just end up with his cell number.

14. Elevator wait too long? Make small talk with the office acquaintance wait-ing with you. She'll appreciate the effort you made.

15. Say yes to blind-date requests. Who cares if there are no sparks? You've just gained a new guy friend.

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