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16 Things You Should Never Say To A Workaholic

Spending a lot of time at work doesn't make us miserable people.

1. "I read that too much work is bad for your health." 

Everything is bad for your health. If we like working, we're going to stress more leaving without all our work done than if we leave at 5 every day.

2. "Don't you feel like you're missing out on other things?" 

Like what? Getting home two hours earlier just to hop on the Internet and watch garbage shows?

3. "I can't believe you actually like your job." 

I'm sorry you don't.

4. "Personally, I'd rather focus on my own happiness." 

Happiness is relative, dawg. Some people actually gain a lot of satisfaction working hard. You might get that same sense of satisfaction taking a nap on your couch or going to the gym. It's about doing what makes your heart smile.

5. "How do you get anything else done?" 

Weekends. In between answering emails on our phones, obviously.


6. "Don't you wish you could just slow down?" 

No. If we slow down, we die. We like to keep ourselves occupied and our minds engaged, so we juggle a lot of stuff.

7. "Don't you have a hobby?" 

Yeah, we just know how to manage our time well.

8. "Are you seriously working right now?" 

No, I'm tweeting something hilarious. Get off my back.

9. "I didn't invite you because I just figured you were busy." 

Just because we're often wrapped up in our work doesn't mean we never have time to do anything. Not extending us an invitation to your party is just rude.

10. "How are you going to have a family?" 

We'll cross that bridge when we get to it. And just like we always do, we'll find a way to manage that too.

11. "Relax." 

We are relaxed. Jobs aren't always ultra-stressful if you love them.

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12. "I'm so glad I'm not you." 

That goes for the both of us. I'd hate to work a job I'm not invested in.

13. "Just take a day off." 

And then have twice as much work when I come back while spending my whole day off worrying about the work I'm not doing?

14. "You don't even get overtime?" 


15. "No one can stop you from leaving at 6 if you go in at 9." 

That's true. And no one can stop my boss from being a jerk to be for not getting my shit done.

16. "You need to learn to prioritize." 

I do. And then I do all of it.

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