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17 Things Only Girls With No Sisters Understand

Ballet wasn't your first hobby, wrestling was. And you were your brothers' favorite opponent.

1. Half of your life was spent wishing that you had a sister... Wouldn’t it be SO cool to have an ate to look up to or a little sister to boss around? Sure, you have your kuya and/or younger brother, but they just don’t match up to the fun of having a sister.

2. …while the other half was spent being thankful that you didn’t have one. Because you have cousins and friends who do have sisters and when you see them bicker and cause SO much drama, you say a silent prayer and thank the high heavens that you don’t have another person to share your closet space with.

3. You grew up exposed to super ~*manly*~ things. Ballet wasn’t your first sport—wrestling was. And you were your brothers’ favorite opponent at home.

4. You’re close to your mom. Because she is literally the only other person with boobs and a vagina in the family. Only she can shop with you from morning ‘til night. Only she will understand the ridiculous amount of money you spend on makeup and clothes. She is your best friend!

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5. Going through puberty was pretty hard without another girl in the family… Yeah, 'cos your kuya was totally down to talk about periods and sex.

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6. But that’s why you’re so close with your girlfriends and girl cousins. Buti na lang you’re close to your Ate Sandra—at least she can teach you how to use a tampon and how to do a cat eye!

7. You never had hand-me-down clothes growing up. Except those Dragon Ball-Z and Chicago Bulls pambahays that your brothers outgrew. New clothes all the time, not having to share your clothes and closet space, not having to deal with drama of your sister stealing your clothes = MAJOR PERKS!

8. You have your ~*own little world*~. Even though you’re close to your brothers, you love having your own little space in your room at home, where you can be away from sweat and testosterone.

9. You grew up watching sports, anime, and action films. You wanted to watch the new Nicholas Sparks movie, the boys wanted to watch The Rock’s latest film. You are outnumbered. So you sit through an hour and a half of exploding cars and borta men beating each other up. Bonus: rock hard abs and chiseled arms. Pwede na rin.

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10. When you started dating, you can never really share your kilig with anyone at home. Kasi SOBRANG gets ng mga kapatid mo yung kilig mo. As in, SOBRA.

11. You can’t share your heartbreak with anyone either, because you won’t get the comforting that you need. No one to offer you sisterly love and call the guy an asshole and plot revenge against him—only angry brothers saying “Gago yun ah! Bugbugin ko kaya?” Ayt, cool.

12. Your parents introduce you as “the other boy.” “These are my boys: Andrew, Michael, and Gabriel. Oh and this is Retty—the other boy!” (May or may not be based on true life.)

13. There’s no one to defend you about your fashion and beauty experiments! You don’t have an ate who went through a crop top and short shorts phase, so when you started wearing them, your dad and brothers just didn’t get it.

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14. No one taught you how to shop for yourself, so you’re a pro at shopping for men. You’ve seen sisters consult each other when they shop, and unfortunately, you don’t have that luxury. Instead, you have grown men asking for your advice if their nth black v-neck shirt and nth white long-sleeved polo looks good on them. Swerte ng boyfriend mo, tbh.

15. When people find out that you don't have sisters, they get surprised by how girly you still are. Oh I'm sorry, is there a rule about that????

16. And you've given up on reacting nicely when people tell you how sad it is that you don't have any sisters. Oh eh ano ngayon???

17. And whether or not you admit it, you love the ~*special treatment*~ that you get for being the only daughter. Your brothers hate it and you kind of do too sometimes. But most days, it’s pretty awesome. Okay na rin na walang ate!

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