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18 Struggles Girly Girls Know By Heart

You live by #TiisGanda.

1. You spend a lot of money. Because you have to have your fave beauty and skincare products that are perfect for your skin and make you feel extra pretty. Not to mention they go out of stock pretty often and you just don't want to run out of them ever. And shoes? Let's not get started on shoes. 

2. You're always tempted to spend more. Every season new beauty products and clothes stock the shops, and they look too good, too perfect, for you to not want to try them on and buy them. New season releases also mean old items on sale, and who can resist a cute pair of sneakers at 65 percent off?!

3. You wake up extra early every day to get ready so you won't be late for school or work. As if taking a bath alone doesn't take long, you still have to dry your hair to style it, and wear your makeup tooand everybody knows the no-makeup look isn't easy to do. Good thing you plan your outfits in advance!

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4. You're always mocked for taking too long in the bathroom. Whatever. If it's not affecting other people, they should just STFU, right? Right.

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5. #TiisGanda is your mantra. Instead of picking comfortable clothes or shoes for your body and health's sake, you brave the pain. The photos, compliments, and the good impressions you'll make are worth it.

6. People think you're a diva. Okay, you care about how you look. But there's more to being a diva than that. EVERYBODY cares in one way or another. It just so happens that your look is noticeable because hello, you're stellar. Divas are self-absorbed and want people to do everything for them; they don't want to lift a finger. A person can be a diva and not wear makeup and nice clothes. And someone who does wear makeup and nice clothes isn't automatically a diva.

7. People think you want all things branded, but that's not true. You may have your own favorite brands and you may not. Girly girls just love to adorn themselves, and they can do that with great finds anywhere and everywhere. Girly girls are just confident and good when it comes to putting things together, so other people think they're expensive. 

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8. You've held your tears in because you didn't want to smudge your eye makeup. "NO ONE TELL A HEARTBREAKING STORY TODAY, OKAY?" And when something upsets you during the day, you listen to happy songs and think happy thoughts as you look to the ceiling.

9. Sometimes you still don't know how to receive compliments. If you say "thank you," will people think you're proud? But if you don't say it, they'll think you're impolite and think you don't know how to receive compliments. Well, you don't! But you have to seem like you do for some reason. And if you downplay yourself, everyone will see that you're trying too hard to be "like everybody else," whatever that means. (Neurotic, much?!)

10. People think you're a dumb, superficial, materialistic girl. Right, because on TV and movies there's that pretty or hot dumb blonde, and a lot of people are stupid enough to believe that women who are dressed up IRL are like that too. Ugh. There's more to people than their looks! Isn't it about time people stop thinking in black and white?

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11. Some people are bound to hate you because you're actually a smart, happy, pretty girl. They're jealous and unhappy with themselves, obviously. Not that you're better than them (who can judge this, right?), but you're comfortable with who you are and you don't really care about what other people think of you. 

12. You try so hard to copy YouTube beauty tutorials, and you've failed several times. But the day you succeeded was glorious, and so is every other day you're able to do winged liners in one steady sweep. Aw yiz!

13. You don't feel "you" without makeup and when you're dressed down. The rare times you're bare-faced, you feel a bit different, but not in a bad way. With the right attitude, you can easily find yourself beautiful even without it.

14. You sometimes get lazy to remove your makeup after a long day. It's the same thing after partying and drinking all night with your friends, and you're too tired/sleepy/drunk for anything other than sleeping. 

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15. But you still remove your makeup 'cos you don't want to wake up with a zit on your face. Mom would be so proud! <3

16. People think you're not really pretty—like, you're not pretty without makeup on. Or that you're into makeup because you're ugly and need to cover it up. SO WHAT. Seriously, what do people gain from thoughts like that?

17. People think you're predictable. They can easily guess how you'll be spending the weekend, or what thing you'll really love to have in your place. Plus side is they know exactly what to give you on your birthday and Christmas. (Well, assuming they at least appreciate you enough to give you something.)

18. You might just be remembered only for looking pretty. Sad but true. It's happened to the likes of Audrey Hepburn, who's commonly remembered for her 20-year-old photos than her humanitarian works later in life, and it can happen to you too. It's probably better than being forgotten, but still. Looks aren't the only things you put on the table. You work hard; you're smart; you're strong.

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