18 Struggles Only People With Unique Names Understand

Baristas, waiters, and customer service employees will never get it right.

Spell S-h-a-m-c-e-y S-u-p-s-u-p.

1. You were bullied for your name when you were in kindergarten. And from then on you knew kids could be really, really evil.

2. Dreading the roll call on the first day of school. You just know that every professor who walks through the door will mispronounce your name. When he does, your classmates will be rolling their eyes or giggling. And you don’t know if they're laughing at you or the teacher. :(

3. People saying “What?” after you introduce yourself. So you repeat your name and they say “Huh?” The exchange seems to go on forever, and you also kind of want to point out their lack of manners—“It should be 'Excuse me,' 'Come again,' 'Pardon,' or 'Sorry.'” Bitches.

4. Being asked to spell your name, and people still get it wrong. WHY DOES THIS STILL HAPPEN?

5. No souvenirs with your name on them. Because the industry wants to sell to EVERYONE, not to loners like you.

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6. Getting your name misspelled in official documents. And there’s the hassle of having them corrected—the long lines, the ages and ages of processing time—when you have better things to do.

7. Getting your name misspelled in e-mails. This happens even if you’ve corrected the person loads of times. The old habit will slip somewhere in that long thread. And you’re wondering, “Doesn’t my e-mail address say it all?” Apparently not. Or when they think you're a Mr. But you're really a Ms.

8. Being asked all the time about where you got your name. Aren’t you an exotic creature?  :> Ugh.

9. Disappointing people who were looking forward to a cool story. Your parents’ and grandparents’ combined names? How corny. Where you got conceived? TMI!

10. Thinking some people are probably judging your parents for coming up with that name. And they probably are. As in, “What were they thinking?!” “Your parents are so lame!”

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11. People who’ve only read your name will come up with different ways to pronounce it. Cringe-worthy. At least they tried, right?

12. Baristas, waiters, and customer service employees will never get it right. They already don’t get common names right most of the time. What are your chances?

13. You undergo a tense on-the-spot internal debate about whether or not you should give people a fake name just so they get it right. But you don’t really want to create a false identity and get in trouble for it!

14. Someone is calling you but is saying your name wrong, so of course you didn’t “hear” or know it was you. Then you’ll look like the doofus who doesn’t know her own name or wasn’t paying attention.

15. Your name is a spelling mistake in Word and on your phone. Autocorrect is also disastrous.

16. People think you’re joking. They don’t know how demeaning it is when they imply that your name is one big fat joke. THEY MUST PAY.

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17. People assume your name is misspelled. Yes, they think you misspelled your own name. Looks like you got a bright future ahead of you!

18. People say your name is “weird.” And you’re on the verge of saying “Just for you, stupid. It’s popular in other countries!” *z snap*

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18 Struggles Only People With Common Names Understand

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