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18 Things Retired Dancers Will Understand

Feeling completely useless now that your flexibility is gone. Huhu.

1. Counting never begins at 1. Because you were brainwashed to believe that it all starts at 5. And that it ends at 8.

2. Costume parties and Halloween are no problem at all for you. Because you have bags and bags of old dance costumes that you can still magically fit into. Good job, self!

3. Joining a yoga or a Pilates class only to be reminded that you aren’t as flexible as you used to anymore. WHAT HAPPENED TO MY SPLIT. WHAT HAPPENED.

4. Having a collection of black hair ties and hair pins because those were literally the only ones you were allowed to wear. Yellow hair tie showing through your black hair bun? DEADZ.

5. You keep a box of super mabaho and old dance shoes in your room. Because there is no way that you are going to throw them out, no matter how old they are. (Also because you like to put them on when you’re alone and relive your glory days in your room. #guilty.)

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6. You have memories of silently dying when you hear “across the floor.” HAHAHA…haha…ha..ha.h.

7. Whenever you hear songs that you danced to in the past, you can’t help but get a little sentimental. Remember when you danced to “A Whole New World” when you were like five years old? And then that Gary V. song when you were around 10? Yeah, you totally do. You can even recall some parts of the dance!

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8. Whenever you watch dance recitals/concerts, you get a little emotional. *sigh* those were the days.

9. You get ~*dancer feels*~ while watching other people perform. “Turn out pa, turn out pa!”, “Anyare sa blocking?”, and other ~*dancer feels*~ have gone through your mind while watching concerts. Hehe.

10. You’ve found ways to incorporate your favorite leotards and tights into your regular outfits. Black leotards with intricate back designs make super sexy tops for nights out!

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11. On sad days, you turn to really bad dance movies to uplift your mood. Some girls know all the lines from Mean Girls, you know all the lines from Center Stage and Honey.

12. Sometimes at parties, people remember that you’re a dancer and immediately ask you to perform for them. “Sample naman dyan!” No, thank you.

13. You’re super good at packing a lot of clothes. With the number of years you spent trying to fit all your poofy and fluffy costumes inside a small bag for recitals, you’re basically a packing pro.  

14. It took you a while to wear sandals or open-toed shoes. Because your feet were covered with callouses and bruises that you were quite shy to show in public. Also, you never got pedicures when you were actively dancing—that was a huge no-no.

15. You found the best of friends in your dance friends. Because you went through so much! Mean dance teachers, long hours of trainings, emotional dance competitions—the list goes on and on.

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16. Destressing involves doing plies and tendus by yourself. Inhale, exhale.

17. You have a pretty solid smoky eye game. It was the first eye look you learned, after all!

18. Not a day goes by that you miss dance. You love and miss everything about dance. The adrenaline of being on stage, the excitement of learning a new routine, the thrill of nailing a trick or a choreo—EVERYTHING. And while your time as an active dancer is done for now, you will always be a dancer at <3.

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