18 Things You Should Do With Your Friends In Your Twenties

Crying and throwing a pity party in your pajamas? Best thing ever.

1. Go on a holiday together.

We say it in every feature and yet it will always be relevant. Going on a holiday with all your girlfriends will be the most fun you can have with your clothes on (but clothes are not required), even if it means stretching your budget to get there. Grab your bikinis and your BFFs and drive to anywhere that promises sunshine and cocktails. DO IT.

2. Talk about sex.

There's such an unnecessary stigma surrounding talking about sex in this country (but that's another matter), and so if there's anyone you can discuss your experiences with, it's your best friends. Talk about vaginas, penises, technique, positions—share your knowledge and gain in return! It's empowering and important.

3. Laugh about people you used to know.

Real talk: There is nothing more satisfying than Facebook-stalking people you used to know, idolize, and essentially be jealous about every aspect of their life, only to find out their lives haven't really moved on for the better in a way yours has. Yes, admittedly this sounds awful, but it's nice to know that Nicole's perfect life isn't perfect and we are all HUMAN BEINGS.

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4. Drink expensive cocktails.

Whether you make a special trip to a specific city to drink cocktails or just find a local bar that makes a kick ass mojito, round up your BFFs and drink ALL the cocktails together. Y'know, the expensive ones that come with fancy umbrellas and make you feel really, really classy? Yeah, those.

5. Drink cheap alcohol.

Similarly, there's something super satisfying about going to a grocery store to buy ridiculously inexpensive wine and then heading to Sarah's place to finish it. The best memories are made on evenings like this, AMIRIGHT?

6. Cry and have a pity party.

Even when everything in your job/life/love departments seem to be going your way, there's nothing wrong with wanting a big old cry and a bit of a pity party—and who better to spend it with then your friends? Talk about feelings and lame shit and don't be embarrassed about a single thing.

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7. Have sleepovers.

Adult life is great for lots of things, but the absence of sleepovers with your BFFs is not one of them. Face masks, midnight snacks, and a whole load of rom-coms will never not be appealing.

8. Host dinner parties.

From experience, the best nights out are usually before you even get to the bar.

9. Share music.

What? There's nothing wrong with listening to Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, and... Salbakuta.

10. Help each other through heartbreak.

A shitty yet inevitable part of your twenties is getting your heart broken, and no matter how strong/independent/fabulous you are, it's a nightmare. Which is why the #squad will—and should—be there at 4 in the morning when you 're having a meltdown, The Notebook DVD in tow. Because if there's one person who can get you through a breakup, it's Ryan Gosling.

11. Take photographs.

And not the triple-filtered-500-attempts ones for Instagram, but the ones you save secretly on your phone to laugh at when you're sad. The hungover/drunk/food all around your mouth ones that aren't really appropriate for anyone. We know you've all got them on your camera roll. Don't lie.

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12. Get to know each other's families.

One of the best things about having a set of solid best friends is the prospect of gaining a second (or third, fourth, fifth) family, so take the time and effort to get to know your friends' siblings and parents.

13. Go on a road trip.

Mainly because you can make a driving playlist and pretend to be in a music video while Britney Spears is playing.

14. Have each other's backs.

This is a no brainer, but there is nothing more comforting and reassuring than having your best friends tell you, "We got this."

15. Meet new people together.

Having a close set of good friends is great, but d'ya know what's even better? Meeting new people when you're with your barkada.

16. Go to gigs and karaoke.

A fact: Karaoke in its purest form? In the shower. In its equally great form? In a dedicated room at Red Box. This idea is ALWAYS great, you guys.

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17. Shout about your friendship.

Oi, you. Yeah, you. I'm guessing if you've made it this far down this article you've got a great best friend, right? So LET HER KNOW. Write little posts about it on Facebook, share hilarious throwbacks on Instagram and also actually tell her face to face. And not when you're drunk in a toilet and one of you is about to throw up. 

18. Empower each other.

"Here's to strong women. May we know them. May we raise them. May we be them."


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