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19 Things All Girls Who Went To A Catholic High School Went Through

You had to live with ridiculous dress codes.

1. You were told not to wear a revealing top, dress, skirt, or pair of shorts. You had to look simple and pure and conservative like Mother Mary. And because if you wore revealing clothes, you'd be tempting boys. As if!

2. You had to live with ridiculous dress codes. Socks above the ankles, long skirts, no nail polish, jackets had to be black or white only, your hair accessories had to be black or white only, your bra had to be white or beige only, you can't color your hair or put on makeup. And the list goes on.

3. Teachers made you feel bad about having a boyfriend. "You're too young," said the teachers who also had boyfriends in high school and got married at 23.

4. Teachers told you not to have sex 'til you're married. It's a sin daw, but we're not sure what makes it a sin. They never really explain it in reasonable terms. 

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5. Teachers implied that your value depended on your virginity. They said that the best gift you can give to your husband is your virginity. Really, it's virginity and not unconditional love, support, or understanding? Oh, please. (And why isn't it the same for guys?)

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6. Teachers told you that sex won't feel good the more you do it. Remember the masking tape analogy? How the more you stick it on something and pull it out, the less sticky it'll be in the end? Yeah, we're not sure how sex or our vaginas relate to tapes either. (Where do they get these things?!)

7. Teachers thought you were a slut for meeting up with boys after school. Do they even know what "slut" means? You're just hanging out with them and having merienda. No malice there.

8. You can't hold hands with your guy at the school fair. That counts as PDA, and any form of PDA is too much for the supervisors. Plus you had to make room for the Holy Spirit or something, as your teachers ordered.

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9. You're not familiar with contraceptives, because sex ed was...wait, what sex ed? Sex ed was just one of those talks on masking tape. Barely any of that scientific or informative stuff about condoms or contraceptives because "you're really just not supposed to have sex before marriage!" And the school feared that teaching sex ed would make everyone go crazy for intercourse. Uh, no. It's a choice. (Also, don't they know that some teens are bound to do it regardless, hence need protection and need to be taught?)

10. You (or your friend) once thought that kissing was a sin and would get you pregnant. Because of #8. Good thing you know better now.

11. Nuns made school feel like hell. They yelled and screamed at the students, sometimes even cursed the ones who were misbehaving. Some of them even held those wooden meter sticks, and from the looks of it, they weren't afraid to hit anyone with them. Those sisters sure slammed those sticks on the tables. So yeah, everyone was pretty much afraid of those sisters.

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12. You had to be meek as a lamb. You were always lectured for being too noisy or boisterous, which they think isn't pretty or appropriate for a girl. 'KAY.

13. You were told to be "simple." As in the type of girl who isn't materialistic. You were discouraged from buying Starbucks frappes for a Starbucks planner, from having too many clothes, or from wanting to put on makeup. Now all that is fine and well in terms of spending wisely and being a smart buyer. But teachers didn't really focus on those. They just wanted you to not want material things because simplicity is a virtue. Sure it is, but it's not the most important of all virtues. Besides, if you saved up for a Starbucks planner, something you really wanted, what do they care? And just because you want one, it doesn't mean you're materialistic.

14. Sports weren't really encouraged. So your varsity team is either underfunded or on the brink of being disbanded. And it's because you can break your hymen doing sports and sports are just "too masculine." And basketball? It wasn't part of your intrams. Thanks for still perpetuating sexism, School.

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15. You were graded on your Sunday mass attendance in CLE class. Okay, we get how students in Catholic high schools are required to go to church on Sundays. But to grade them based on their attendance is weird. For one, what if the parents aren't religious and don't go to church? It's not like a kid can just go off on her own. And isn't one's participation in mass more important than just being there?

16. If you're a lesbian, you couldn't ask a girl to your prom. Because the school probably still thinks that heterosexual relationships are the only ones that are good in God's eyes.

17. ...If you even had a prom. School decided to do away with it because a girl got pregnant. As if it follows that you'll get pregnant if you went to prom. #Logic

18. You felt like you were living a double life. Good girl on the outside, wild sexy thing on the inside.

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19. Not knowing which school to enroll your future daughter in. You were just fed with too much bullshit back then, and you don't want your future daughter to experience them. But hey, you know better now, right?

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