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Real Talk: What's Your *Biggest* Takeaway From 2020?

Pinays share what 2020 has taught them about self-care, strength, and more.

With only a few days left in 2020, I’m sure we can all agree that we just can’t wait for this year to be over. We’ve all gone through a lot, and honestly, hitting that imaginary ~refresh~ button in 2021 would be great. The pandemic may be far from over, but aren’t you just excited to start anew?

I don’t know who needs to hear this, but you deserve a little recognition. The past twelve months was a wild ride, so congrats to you for enduring it all! And while there’s still so much to look forward to, it’s good to look back on the year that has passed and see how much you’ve grown. Who you were at the start of the year vs who you are now are two totally different people, amirite? Below, Pinays from our Cosmo Community share the realizations, key takeaways, and inspiring life lessons that 2020 has given them.

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  • "Even during a pandemic, the world doesn't stop, and you need to keep moving forward no matter how much you want to cling to the past." -Rissa
  • "Life isn't linear—there are reasons why things happen and 'hinder' you from where you think you're headed. Along the way, you'll realize that you needed to go through [that] path you're in to arrive where you're supposed to be, complete and ready to take on what's to come." -Bash
  • "Be kinder to yourself! Allow yourself to take a break. Do something you enjoy. Take a nap." -Cristina
  • "Your current situation is not your final destination." -Chezca
  • "People who truly love you will never leave you in your darkest times. Choose wisely the people you let in in your life." -NingNing
  • "Appreciate small things, really." -Jennell
  • "My priorities shifted because of the pandemic. I learned how to slow down and rest this year. The world can wait." -Ysa
  • "You deserve to get what you give. Don’t settle for less." -Andrea
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  • "You are much stronger than you think!" -Iana
  • "Focus on what you have, not on what you don't have." -Abish
  • "Unfollow negative and toxic people on social media. It helps a lot with mental health." -Kim
  • "Self-care is necessary, especially when you want to feel empowered and [when you want to] empower other people. Also, you can bounce back higher and try other things outside your comfort zone." -Marj
  • "Many love you, more than you think. Always show those you love that you do love them back." -Vee
  • "Get help when you need [it]. It's never a sign of weakness." -Karen
  • "Anything forced will eventually lose [its] spark. You can plan and set goals, but take your time to wonder, pause, and live in the moment." -Claudine
  • "Be open to change and endless possibilities." -Cloie
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