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21 Things You Learn At 21

You don't need a definite life plan to start adulthood.

1. Easy on the fast food binges, your body isn’t what it used to be. So you lived on a wonderful diet of pancit canton, fast food, and coffee in college and lived to tell the tale? Yeah, sorry, it won’t be the same anymore. For one, your metabolism slows down. 

2. Weekends are absolutely wonderful. You learn the value of weekends when you stop going to school and realize that you don’t have homework due on Monday. Weekends were made to be spent sleeping, reading, catching up on shows, shopping, and *momentarily* forgetting about the Real World.

3. Save money for your future. At 21, you usually don’t make THAT much money. So instead of saving up to buy your dream designer bag at this age, open a bank account and start building your savings. You’ll never know when it will come in handy.

4. Being entitled will get you nowhere. In the workplace, no one gives half a shit if you were top one in your batch from the day you were born or if the money in your bank account is enough to buy everyone at the office. (Unless of course you own the place, fine.) You will start from the bottom, and that’s okay. Work hard, stay humble, and never EVER act entitled because you feel like you deserve better than everyone else. That’s the only way you can climb up the career ladder.

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5.  Your virginity is your own business. So don’t let ANYONE pressure you to lose it or keep it. Your body, your rules.

6. “Harmless” purchases aren’t totally harmless. So you say you NEED to buy Starbucks every single day of the week to function? Think of it this way: If you spend about 140 pesos every day for your coffee, that’s 980 pesos a week, 3,920 a month, and 47,040 pesos in a YEAR. You can go on vacation with that money.

7. When making decisions, try to think long-term. As much as possible, don’t decide on everything on a whim. Make smarter choices.

8. If you’re in a relationship, take time to enjoy each other. 21 is quite young to settle down. You don’t have to be with ~*the love of your life*~ at this age, but it’s a beautiful thing to be with someone you know you can grow up with.

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9. If you’re not in a relationship, don’t feel like you HAVE to be in one because everyone is. We all have our reasons for not being in one. Don’t let others tell you otherwise. Don’t let them pressure you to be on Tinder! Hindi naman sobrang life-changing ang hindi maging single.

10. You don’t have to be friends with everyone you hung out with regularly in college. You get to choose the people you want to keep in your life. Surround yourself with people who will make you happy! Chugihin mo na yung mga nega. Because one day, you will see these people after a long time and realize why you decided to leave them in your past in the first place. And you will be filled with happiness. #wagi

11. It is perfectly OK to talk about sex. It is perfectly fine! It is more than fine! Because you learn things that you weren’t taught in school. It is a normal human thing and you shouldn’t be shy to talk about it with the people you are most comfortable with.

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12. You don’t need a definite life plan to start adulthood. Start with ambition and work your way to get to your goals. Life never goes as you planned, tbh. Learn to roll with the punches, but also know when you should throw them.

13. The fact that you’re legal all over the world is a wonderful and also very SCARY thing. Congratulations, you are now an adult!

14. Your first job rejection will hurt like a bitch but that is OK!!! Not everyone is #blessed to get accepted on their first job interview. Honestly, job interviews are terrifying, because there are grown-ups who like to scare you and make you question if you actually learned anything in college. And if they make the decision that you didn’t make the cut, it’s okay. Rejection happens—a lot. You can get sad about it, but take it as an opportunity to learn.

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15. Grown-ups can be VERY mean, but you have to learn to keep it together and not lose your shit. You will learn that not everyone thinks like you and that there are people who can be very rude, especially in the workplace. You can’t escape them, especially if they’re your boss. Learn to control your emotions, be professional, and grow thicker skin.

16. Traveling with your best friends at this age is the best. When you finally save up enough money to go on adventures with your barkada will seriously be the best fun ever. #StartedFromThePlaygroundNowWeHere  

17. Start your makeup, skincare, and grooming habits like right now. You are a grown woman and your skin isn’t as pristine as it used to be—time to take care of it the right way! Eye cream is life-changing.

18. Get yourself good quality clothes, bags, and shoes. Instead of getting cheap-ass jeans because they were hella cheap, get jeans that are a little pricier but with amazing quality. It will be worth it.

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19. Spend as much time as you can with your family. Because honestly, your family will be the only ones who will remain in your life forever.

20. It is totally normal to unfollow people on social media. You will realize that you don’t really want to be updated about the life of the girl you once sat next to in that film class in college. Or that your high school classmate’s daily selfies and social media rants are annoying AF. So unfollow them, stat. You will feel SO GOOD about it.  

21. You’re a total baby at 21. You think you’ve been through a lot—well okay, maybe you have—but sometimes, you get reminders from the world that nope, you don’t know ANYTHING. Be open to continuously learn from life, because at this point, you’re just starting. <3 

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