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3 Easy Ways To Make New Friends

Make it your 2012 goal to expand your social circle. Cosmo shares tips for making that happen.

1. Ask a person you haven't hung out with socially to join you when you get together with old friends. Extend an invitation to a coworker or maybe a neighbor, and in turn, she'll likely invite you out with her buds one night.

2. Find a natural time to suggest meeting up with an acquaintance you want to befriend. For example, if she mentions a movie she wants to see, say "Tara, let's go sometime." Then, be sure to follow through.

3. Strike a convo with someone you don't know. Chat up a cute guy who catches your eye in a cafe, or compliment a girl at the next table. It helps you become more at ease chatting up new people. Plus, you just might click with him or her.

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