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3 Tips To Cut Workplace Time-Wasters

Is chika time affecting your productivity at work? Here are sure-fire ways to prevent colleagues from wasting your time.
1. Help them get to the point. Instead of asking your co-workers open-ended questions, ask them close-ended ones. Instead of "How did you arrive at that figure? What does it mean?" try being more direct by asking "Did you double-check those figures?"

2. Let your body language do the work.
When someone enters your cube uninvited and you sense they may want to chat or linger, try conveying the impression that you're busy. If you're at your desk, avoid eye contact and keep writing or working on your computer. This will discourage people from initiating a conversation.

3. Set a specific time range.
When scheduling meetings, especially one-on-ones, rather than saying "Let's meet at 2PM," specify the beginning and ending times by saying "Let's go over those figures between 3 and 3:15 today." Pleasantly and firmly let your co-workers know when you're available--and let them know how much of your time you can give them.

Source: Business Etiquette by Ann Marie Sabath. Available at Fully Booked.
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