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3 Types of Employees Bosses Love

Transform into any of these office babes and you'll be promoted faster than you can say "I love my job!"

1. The Cheerleader
She may not be the smartest girl in the office, but Shapiro says this personality gets promoted more than any other. That’s because she loves the company—and lets everyone know it. So if you want to move up, start waving those pom-poms. Get seriously jazzed about the latest positive earnings report, or pump up everyone’s spirits when the company loses a big piece of business. “It may seem fake, but companies love it,” says Shapiro.

2. The Zen Master
Deadlines loom. Clients get nasty. Printing errors happen. But throughout the chaos, this girl remains utterly drama-free. “This is the person who calms everyone down,” says Levit. If you can get your officemates to stop freaking out and get back to work, your bosses will love you. So when the next disaster strikes, stop. Take a few deep breaths and ask yourself, “What will be most useful, freaking out or solving the problem?” Repeat as necessary.

3. The Clone
From her Zooey Deschanel bangs to her pointy-toe pumps, this chick looks, talks, and walks just like the bosses. Her ideas are exactly what the boss is thinking. She may not be original, but she’s definitely moving up. “In every company, you’ll notice that almost all of the executives are the same personality type,” says Shapiro. “They dress the same, sound the same, all have the same degree. If you want to be part of that circle, be like them.”

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