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3 Ways To Improve Your Conversation Skills

Find out how to avoid awkward silences and engage in interesting talks at your next social gathering.

1. Make an effort to stay informed. Before going to a social event, catch up on the news and check out the web for some conversation starters so you'll have fascinating things to talk about. Just be sure to skip heavy or controversial issues.

2. Ask questions that help you tap into a passion. While chatting with someone, ask if they've taken up a new hobby or been on a cool trip lately. People become more engaged when they feel strongly about a topic.

3. Show your interest in others. Dig deeper into the subjects they bring up. If somebody says they live on Salcedo Street, for instance, follow up with: "Don't you just love their Saturday market?" This shows them that you're interested in what they're saying, and provides added subject threads to discuss.

Source: Ann Demarais, PhD, co-author of
First Impressions

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