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3 Ways To Keep Worrying At Bay

Don't let your woes turn you into a miserable worrywart. Rock these tips to stay unruffled and totally steady.

1. Go offline more often.

A Stanford University study found that social networking sites create feelings of loneliness. Since we use FB to report on the good things we have going on, reading status updates makes you think everyone else is happier than you are.

2. Pencil in a worry slot.

Take a chunk out of your time (say 30 minutes in the afternoon) to mull over the issues you are facing. Joyce Walsleben, PhD, co-author of A Woman’s Guide To Sleep notes, “Worries are never as bad in the day as they are in the night, so you’re more likely to put things in perspective and come up with solutions.”

3. Inhale, exhale.

When you’re feeling edgy, Dr. Mehmet Oz, professor of surgery at Columbia University, suggests doing this breathing exercise: “Inhale deeply, allowing your stomach to expand. Exhale slowly for a count of five and imagine the tension leaving your body with the breath. Repeat this 10 times whenever you feel tense.”

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