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3 Ways To Keep Your PMS From Pushing Him Away

Dreading that time of the month? He probably is, too. Make it easier on him with these tips for softening the cyclic sungit.
Premenstrual syndrome can be a real pain sometimes (pun intended). Besides making you grumpy, irritable, and downright insufferable when you’re about to ride the crimson wave, your poor boyfriend usually has to bear the brunt of your hormone-induced hostility.

Give him a break! Go easy on your guy by following Cosmo’s tips for handling your PMS.

1. Soften The Blow

“The mood swings and physical discomfort generally set in a week before your period arrives,” says Los Angeles ob-gyne Lisa Masterson. So in that time, avoid stressful events, try exercising to relieve symptoms, and take time out to relax.

2. Educate Your Man

Of course, guys don’t get what the big deal is with PMS—they don’t feel it. “You need to explain what’s going on with your body, minus the gory details,” says Dr. Masterson. For instance, if he knows you’re bloated and aching, he won’t feel rejected when you don’t want him all over you.

3. Don’t Make Him The Enemy

It’s the hormones making you crazy, not him. So rather than pushing him away, show him how to comfort you. “If a back rub would save your life, ask for one,” says Dr. Masterson. Or if you’re craving chocolate cake, splurge on the calories together.
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