3 Ways To Store Your Flip-flops

How to keep your tsinelas collection organized.

Who doesn't love their trusty pair of tsinelas? It's comfy and you can wear it almost anywhere—at home, on outings, and while running errands!

Here are 3 ways to organize your slippers:

Place them in buckets.

Let your flip-flops breathe using a bucket for storage. Place them near the main door so you can change into your outside slippers from your home slippers as soon as you enter the house and vice versa. Label each bucket.

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Use file drawers.

Office file drawers can double as storage for your slippers, too. Each member of the family gets at least one drawer—just write their name on the label box.

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Use the armoire or console table by the foyer.

Like a secret storage, the armoire or console table by the foyer can be used to keep your flip-flops near the main entrance of the house. You don’t have to worry about losing them, plus, it’s hidden from plain sight.

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