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4 Fun Girl-Bonding Ideas

So last weekend was for your man. This time, set a date with your gal pals. Bring back that BFF bond with these fun activities!

It shouldn't matter if you're busy with your beau or working overtime at the office. The fact of the matter is, a girl always needs to make a little time for her friends. Your boyfriends might not last (though we hope they do!), and your ambitions might change, but your girlfriends will see you through every chapter of your life because, well, your girlfriends are forever. The best way to keep your friendship going strong, especially if you don't get to see each other as often as you used to, is to find fun, creative new ways to bond. Cosmo has a few things you can try with your friends.

1. Play hooky en masse.
Organize a "ditch work day" midweek with a few pals, then hit the beach or a spa. The "we're in this together" vibe and thrill aspect of dodging the boss will make it doubly fun.

2. Schedule a game night.
Whoever's hosting should supply the game (try Cranium or go old school with Monopoly), and everyone else can bring a yummy dessert. Make it a monthly event, and keep to it.

3. Get in more talk time.
Thanks to e-mail, most people are doing way less voice-to-voice communicating. Dial a pal the next time you have a little downtime at home or outdoors to get the latest gossip.

4. Make the mundane mean something.
You don't need an elaborate plan to see your pals. Buying a new gadget? Ask a friend along. Want a cheap manicure? Invite her to come—you can soak and catch up at the same time.

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