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4 Fun Zoom Hacks You Need To Know For Your Next Barkada Call

In case you want to stage your own DIY shoot or add a filter to your face when you're not wearing makeup.

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Zoom needs no introduction, especially now that we stay connected primarily through virtual means. If you’ve been working from home in the last few months, it's likely that you've had your share of online meetings via this super helpful app. Even better: You’ve probably used it to catch up and hang out with your friends. 

If you haven’t scheduled one with your barkada yet (or if it’s been a while since your last), it could be time to round everyone up for a fun new sesh. While you’re at it, try Comfort's colorful Zoom backgrounds to turn your boring old video call into a memorable hangout or even an instant OOTD shoot. The BG collection will help make your meeting screenshots super cute, we promise! Try it with these Zoom hacks for fun online bonding moments:

1. Look ~fresh lang~ real quick with the “touch up” feature. 

If you’re worried about looking like a potato on cam (and you’re not alone, we promise), you’d be happy to know that Zoom has a feature that addresses just that. Head to the video section of the settings menu, tick the box that says “Touch up my appearance,” and get an instant soft-focus filter that will make you look fresh for your virtual hangout. 

Of course, if you really want to look your best, no one's stopping you from reaching into your makeup kit for some help. Check out Rei Germar’s Zoom MOTD for some inspo.

2. Use the Gallery View to see everyone at once.

We know you’re counting the days until you can see your close circle again in the same room, but Zoom can offer the next best thing. Select the Gallery View feature in your video settings and see everyone's faces at once. It's great when you’re hosting game nights with friends. With this view, you can even pull off an IG-worthy dance routine with your gang like Verniece Enciso.

3. Record your sessions to ~preserve the moment~.

Want something to remember your online calls by? Ditch the screenshot for a video snippet of your virtual hangout. There’s actually an option to record your calls and save it on your computer or on the cloud, based on your subscription. You can then edit these videos as you please and share them on your social media, just like Laureen Uy.  

4. Liven up the party with a new background. 

When on a Zoom call, we usually switch backgrounds to hide the mess that is our room. But a cool and lively backdrop can actually liven up the mood of your call, not to mention help make for cute screenies and video clips. Just check out how Nicole Andersson used Comfort's stunning backgrounds in her own Zoom call to turn it into an instant bash. No boring video calls here! 

One last thing: Make yourself even more Zoom-ready by wearing your best clothes for the party. Get more from your OOTDs when you treat your pieces with care and wash them with Comfort Care Detergent—not only does it keep your clothes clean, it also helps them stay vibrant and fresh. You can even have it delivered right at your doorstep via UStore, so there's no need to leave your Zoom meetings!

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