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4 Things To Keep In Mind When Mingling In A Party

Are you a shy girl who secretly dreams of being a social animal? Dream no more! We've got the mingling mantras for you.

It can be difficult to speak up and stand out if you're naturally shy. Have you ever caught yourself looking at the people around you, friends and strangers alike, and wondering why it's so much easier for them to jump into conversations and meet new acquaintances? Do you find yourself wishing you were more like them?

You don't have to change yourself to be a social animal. You don't have to drastically revamp your personality to be liked, and don't worry, there really isn't anything wrong with you! So you're shy. So what? That doesn't mean you can't make friends. Just take a deep breath, remind yourself of how awesome you are, take it slow, and remember these mingling mantras:

"No man is an island."
People are very social beings by nature. They're not meant to be hermits. It's all a matter of being true to yourself, getting out of your shell, and rubbing elbows!

"You cannot use what you do not have.
So if you're shy, be shy. If you're outgoing, be outgoing." This wise adage from the movie Hitch advises to make the best use of your unique positive traits. You don't have to pretend or put on false appearances to make a good impression and be a skilled communicator. But being shy doesn't mean you should stop learning from other people. There's no need to prepare spiels or be O.A.-friendly. Be present, albeit slowly, shake some shyness off, and interact with a few people at first and see your circle grow wider in good time.

"It's not what you say, it's the way you say it."
About 80 percent of communication is non-verbal. People will remember your enthusiasm and energy long after they have forgotten what you actually said.

"It's not what you know, it's who you know."
Have you noticed how the honor students in school weren't always the ones who made it in the real world? Being successful isn't a matter of intellectual aptitude, but a matter of social intelligence. Connections may be your most valuable resource in life. The lesson? Be life smart and pump your PR to the max!

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