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4 Tips For Living In The NOW

Stop moping about the past and living in regret, or looking too far ahead into the future. Slow down and savor every moment of the present.

Are you always bogged down by thoughts of what-ifs and should-haves? Or are you the type to have every millisecond of your day perfectly mapped out? It's time to break up with your past and to-do list and live a little. "Life is lived in moments, and you can't truly relish the moment and be spontaneous when your mind is thinking ahead," says Linda Sapadin, PhD, author of Master Your Fears. Slowing down, turning off your brain, and savoring the moment helps you chill and can ultimately make you happier. Try out these tips for living in the now:

1. Tune In To Your Bod

Whether you're window-shopping on a sunny day or kissing that new guy you're seeing, concentrate on things like how your breath moves in and out of your lungs, feel your various muscles working, and note how soft your hair feels on the back of your neck.

2. Blow Off The Clock

On the weekend, don't wear a watch or look at your cellphone, and don't feel like a slave to any agenda. Go to a movie if you feel like it, hang out at a cafe, go for a solo drive around town, and just let the day take you where it wants to.

3. Grab Some Zen

When you go to sleep, close your eyes and focus all of your attention on different parts of your body while lying perfectly still: your feet, legs, stomach, chest, arms, hands, etc. Then, run your focus from feet to head and back down again.

4. Zone Out In Nature

Lie down on a blanket in the park (sans book/mag/iPod), jog along the river, or bike around your neighborhood. Note the flowers and trees as well as their color, texture, shape, and scent. You'll appreciate your surroundings more when you take time out to pay attention to the little things.

Source: Eckhart Tolle, author of The Power of Now

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