4 Ways To Spread The Love This Season

Single this Valentine's? That doesn't mean you can't show some love to the people around you!

It's February again and everyone knows what that means: it's Love Month. Don't have a special someone to love it up with on the 14th? Believe it or not, it doesn't matter! You can celebrate V-Day with everybody else and have a great time doing it, even without a boyfriend.

Being single doesn't mean you won't get any love, or can't give some to others when you feel like it. While a little welcome romance never fails to put a smile on anyone's face, there are other ways to love and be loved this Valentine's season.

1. Send a sweet e-mail for no reason.
Dash off a quickie greeting first thing in the morning to that awesome, out-of-touch pal you’ve been too lazy to call. It’ll give you and her an instant lift.

2. Shock someone with a favor.

Let the super-rushed, stressed-out person behind you in the latte line go in front of you. You’ll feel like a gazillion bucks when you see the stunned look on his or her face (and if they’re not grateful, who cares).

3. Flirt with a yummy random guy.
Next time you’re cruising down the street or browsing for DVDs in the video store, make some stud’s day with a coy smile or small talk. Besides making him light up, your bod will feel a quick rush of exhilaration too.

4. Give props to a co-worker.
Compliment a colleague’s new haircut, new shoes, or buff bod (and, hello—really mean it). You’ll give her a little perk, and it shows you have enough confidence to spread it around.

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