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5 Ways To Always Feel Festive All Year Long

Because your playlist is your bragging right, TBH

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There is something special about the holiday season. The cheerful vibe, gifts, parties—don't we all just wish it's Christmas all year round? You don't need to wait for the -ber months to always feel the holiday vibe though. The season may be over, but these playlists can help you add a festive cheer to your every day. 

1. When decorating your home.

Keep it light and cheerful with some classic Christmas pop music. Or, if you're feeling creative, mix those Christmas hits with new tracks! 

To download your favourite playlist and listen in offline mode, tap the Download button located under Shuffle Play option.

2. When you're spending time with bae.

What's more romantic than a night in with bae complete with wine, a home-cooked meal, and your favorite songs playing in the background? Admit it, Christmas songs are some of the most ~romantic~ out there.

You don't have to worry about ads interrupting and ruining the mood with Spotify Premium. Download the playlist and play it whenever the mood calls for it. 

3. When you're working on a project.

Work can be a little stressful, especially now that the year is just starting. Play some classic Christmas music to help you unwind just because you can.

If you're tired of listening to your old tracks, you can always turn to Spotify's Discover Weekly playlist to keep you motivated and inspired!

4. When you're traveling with your barkada. 

Got a roadtrip planned? Whether you're heading for the waves in La Union or the peaks of Pico de Loro, you can't leave Manila without these thrill-inducing hits.

If you and your friends don't have the same taste in music—hey, it happens—it doesn't have to be a bloodbath. You can add, delete, or re-order tracks on a collaborated playlist. Not sure how to do that?

Here's how: Simply tap the Menu icon, then select Your Library. Tap Playlists, then choose one from the roster. Tap the Options button in the top-right corner. Start making your Collaborative playlist. This applies to both Android and iPhone users. 

5. When you're having some alone time

We all enjoy the time we spend with friends, but everyone needs a break sometimes. Enjoy your own company with a cup of hot cocoa, a cozy blanket, and some soul-replenishing holiday jazz.

And if you really want to restore your energy, download and save your fave tracks, and disconnect from the online world. Trust us, it'll make all the difference.

Here's another unique thing you can do with your Spotify account. If you're feeling a wee bit nostalgic, check out what your Top Songs were for 2016 here

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