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5 Holiday Gifts That Don't Cost A Thing

Cash-strapped this season? Our Style & Beauty columnist reminds us how the best things in life--like enjoying the holidays with loved ones--really DO come for free.

A merry Cosmo holiday to all you fash ladies!

It’s been a packed year of joy-smacking, panty-dropping, fashion-swarming, beauty-loving, money-saving (or was it?!), and drama-surviving of whos, whats, whys, and what the “bleep” were they thinking?! All the Cosmo events, for instance, brought us new friends, steamy relationships, and great ideas on how to make the holidays truly memorable with the best presents for our loved ones.

However, amidst the endless lists of people to shop for and the dread of going overboard in spending, we oftentimes forget that the most valuable gifts are those which aren’t found at a luxury store, an outlet mall, or even on Santa’s sleigh.

Why not end the year with these holiday offerings that guarantee customer satisfaction and definite return on investment?

1. Be Merry.

All year we’ve tackled office disputes, relationship strains, family stresses, fashion faux pas, and beauty dilemmas. Whether or not you were fully successful at handling these with grace and sanity, the person you should always be is strong and positive. Just for once, focus on what you’ve got, not on what you wish you had. There is TOO much to be grateful for in this life!

Right now, there are people who don’t have anyone to celebrate the holidays with, have lost loved ones, or simply are living in misfortune that they’ve lost all hope. The fact that you’re reading this means you care enough to know what could make your holiday and life a little bit better, somehow! So please, read on...

2. Be Sexy.

Christmas is all about looking after our loved ones and giving them the very best. But we sometimes tend to overlook one important thing: ourselves. No matter how much we love to see happy faces on those we’ve spread some holiday joy to, we certainly would love more than just a compliment on generosity, wouldn’t we?

There’s no shame in wanting to be validated for simply looking great! Why not? We owe that to ourselves to look banging on the most happening time of the year. When we are confident and when we feel good about ourselves, we tend to be better persons toward others because what we feel on the inside resonates on the outside.

3. Be Naughty.

Speaking of banging, no matter how amazing the iPad or home theater system we gave our man were, there’s really one thing our partners want, all wrapped up with a bow: a naughty little number they’ve never seen before!

Those in new relationships have an advantage but long-time girlfriends have got to dig up their creative juices (pun intended) to give their man the night they’re going to lust over for a long time.
Ladies, YOU are the gift! So make your man want it so, so bad!

4. Be Nice.

The gift of wishing well toward others who may have wronged us is probably one of the most difficult things to do, no doubt. But, it takes a lot of strength of character to confront pain with a positive attitude, and the good karma comes back to us a hundredfold!

No one, and I mean, NO ONE can ever drag you to the ground if you’ve got a good heart and sensible head on your shoulders. Ellen Degeneres and Oprah are icons of the values we should try to emulate: positivity, kindness, and acceptance of everyone around us. So take your cue from successful women who’ve achieved so much, all because they’ve showered positivity onto others.


Make it a point to impose CHANGE ON YOURSELF--that from here on, you'd begin having a new outlook in your life, and, more importantly, on the whole world you are merely a part of.

Rather than committing the same mistakes year after year, you owe it to yourself to sow new experiences to grow from this 2011.

And, Cosmo is right beside you, every fierce step of the way!

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