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5 Reasons Why Maja Salvador Believes That a Condo Should be Your Next Big Purchase

Do not put worthwhile investments on the backburner.

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The holidays are approaching and all the shiny sales, discounts, and deals are making it increasingly difficult to stay committed to our budget plan.  

While splurging on ourselves isn’t bad, it does postpone some of the dream purchases we’ve been wanting to make, such as buying a property of our own, which could be a better investment for ourselves long term in more ways than one.   

For Maja Salvador, an actress and a celebrity host, her investment into her condos have already paid off. Here are a few notable benefits owning a condo has provided her:  

Living in a safe and well-guarded place  

“I feel safer and more secure living in a condo,” says Maja. Peace of mind is one of the most underrated aspects of living in a condo. With 24/7 security, precautions for natural disasters, and support from the condominium maintenance team, it’s no wonder why Maja feels this way.

Chimes Greenhills by RLC Residences, located along Annapolis Street, Greenhills, San Juan  


Access to different amenities you can enjoy  

We all know how difficult it is to get up and go to the gym even when you enjoy working out. But if you take away the hassles of traveling to the gym itself, Maja believes it makes it a whole lot easier “to commit [to] a fitness regimen when there is a gym within the condo.” Other amenities also let you tryout different hobbies such as swimming, lawn sports, and many others depending on what the property provides.   

Fitness Gym found inside Radiance Manila Bay in Roxas Boulevard, Pasay City  


Be at the center of all essentials  

While we did previously mention the hassles of traveling, a lot of it is mitigated depending on the location of the property. Properties of RLC Residences are located at the heart of the cities they belong in giving condo owners the luxury of being able to travel easily between the go-to meet up places, restaurants, and establishments. “With my busy schedule, location was a really big factor when I choose which property to invest in,” says Maja.   

Live at the center of Ortigas Center at Sonata Private Residences  


Fitting your style AND budget  

A lot of expenses can get out of hand when additional costs come in. But when buying a condo, almost everything that you have to pay for is clearly set before you make your purchase. “It’s best to start with a condo because you can choose from an array of designs that you like [and…] options that fit your budget and lifestyle needs,” says Maja.    

One-bedroom model unit at Sonata Private Residences  


The convenience of buying a ready-for-occupancy property 

One of the things that Maja appreciated the most about buying a condo is “the excellent property administration service.” It made it easy for her to be able to invest in and manage her property without having to spend a lot of time on designing and handling the paperwork. “It’s an easier way of owning a property that’s finished and ready to be occupied right away,” says Maja.  

This flexibility allows you to find what is best for you so you can go ahead and make important purchases like these sooner than later. Learn more about RLC Residences and its ready-for-occupancy properties that offer up to 30% discount by heading over to their websiteFacebookInstagram, and talking with their helpful property specialists. 

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