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5 Signs You’re #WinningAtLife

Positivity is the new perfect.
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There’s no denying that we tend to be too hard on ourselves sometimes. Some say it’s a rite of passage, but your #quarterlifecrisis can pretty much be a pain. You may find yourself in the middle of a rut—hating yourself for how much pounds you've gained, how unsuccessful you are compared to your friends, and even asking questions about the meaning of life. Unfortunately, for some of us, there are no opportunities to just travel the globe, study and explore careers, and find where we truly want to be in the world. Here are five things you can think about whenever you need a little win at life:

1. It’s about first steps, not big changes.

Spending all your money on nights out and the latest things you NEED to have? Sure, it makes you happy for a while, but looking at your ATM with 0 balance just gets you depressed big time. Being able to save a few thousands every sweldo should do the trick. Scrimp on the overpriced morning coffee, and you’ll be seeing more dough to save for a rainy day in no time! 3-in-one coffee most days never hurt anybody.

2. It’s about nourishment, not deprivation.

The perfect body is the one you’re born to have. As they say, strong is the new sexy, so workout to stay in shape and eat right to take care of your body. Small changes when it comes to your food choices instead of starving yourself can have a positive impact on your body. Have you been skipping breakfast or any meal of the day? Do NOT deprive yourself! Just pick healthier food. See how much more energy you'll have and how much the little change can boost your mood throughout the day.

3. It’s about focusing on your strengths, not looking for flaws.

This corporate job may not be working for you, but you love traveling and setting up trips for your barkada. Think of the possibilities, girl! You could be flight attendant, a travel agent, a tour company owner, and more! Take a leap to make your passion the reason you wake up and #werq everyday. Nothing like making your dream job real by getting started and laying the foundations of your #passionproject.

4. It’s about encouraging yourself, not judging yourself.

Don’t be too hard on yourself. Your blockmate just got assigned to Singapore for his dream job? You’re perfectly fine here having a well-paying job and constantly having the company of the people you love. Your HS frenemy just posted about her honeymoon in Hawaii? You’ll get there. For now, look forward to that solo trip to Batanes you’ve been planning since college. You got a lot of things working right for you, so why sweat the small stuff or let envy get the best of you?

5. It’s about positivity, not perfection.

At the end of the day, life isn’t just about getting your dream job, marrying before turning 30, and jetting off around the world. Celebrate your own victories and learn from all the obstacles that come your way. Why don’t you start with yourself and your body by joining the Mission Body Positive movement by NESTLÉ FITNESSE? Watch the video below:

Visit to get more tips on how to live body positive.

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