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5 Things Only Girls With Guy BFFs Will Get

People wonder if you guys are together-together.

1. Everyone will assume that you guys are somehow romantically linked.

People will always speculate what's going on between the two of you—whether the two of you are dating, have dated, or are still getting there. Sooner or later, you start to roll your eyes at all these are-you-together type of questions because why can't people wrap their head around the fact that a girl and a boy can be just friends? No benefits.

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2. At one point or another, there is that one girl who hates your guts.

When someone likes your GBF (let's just start referring to your Guy Best Friend as that from now on), that someone will automatically see you as competition. She will most likely do everything in her power to make sure you two never spend some time alone together, ever again.

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3. People assume you have no female friends.

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You're starting to be seen as "one of the boys" and someone who cannot seem to make any girl friends. Eye rolls x 100.

4. Whoever you date will automatically feel uneasy about him.

Since you and your GBF always in close proximity with each other, it's almost a rite of passage for the person you date to feel jealous, uncomfortable, or both. Same goes for him too, with any girl he decides to date.

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5. You can be honest, straightforward, and 100% real with them.

With your GBF, there is no such thing as sugarcoating and no beating around the bush. If you're angry with him, you say so. If you think he's about to make the biggest mistake of his life, you speak up. You value each other for your honesty.

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