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5 Times Small Laude Proved That She’s A Real-Life ~Crazy Rich~ Mom

She once went to Bangkok just ‘cause she’s craving for mango sticky rice, no biggie!
Small Laude crazy rich mom
PHOTO: Instagram/smalllaude

Crazy Rich Asians may have long wrapped up, yet its pop culture impact is still undeniable up to this day. From booking private islands to inviting royalties on family weddings, there are just endless ways to gush about the lives of the ultra affluent! Luckily for onlookers, there’s a plethora of real-life crazy rich moms who aren’t shy to show how they’re living their best lives on and off the cam. 

Case in point: vlogger and entrepreneur Small Laude, who captured the hearts of netizens with her wealthy life and charming personality. Want to know why she’s dubbed as one of the Philippines’ crazy rich moms? Read on for proof.

5 times Small Laude proved that she’s a crazy rich mom:

1. She’s an old-money scion.

PHOTO BY Instagram/smalllaude

Small has always been surrounded by money ever since she was little. She might be married to business tycoon Philip Laude, but she knows her way around entrepreneurship, too. For years, their family has owned businesses in garment export, rice milling, and rice trading. Nowadays, the Laudes are known for their printing company and brokerage firm.

2. She lives in a multi-million resort-like house in the middle of the city.

PHOTO BY Instagram/smalllaude
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One glimpse into her home and you’ll easily swoon over its postcard-worthy features! Small’s house, which she shares with her husband and four children, is the oasis of our dreams—a six-storey modern house that features luxury furniture pieces, four gardens, art collection, to name a few.

3. She has an impressive collection of designer accessories.

PHOTO BY Instagram/smalllaude

Whether it’s a rare piece or an auctioned bag from an LA Lakers’ basketball player’s wife (We wonder who could that be), it’s no surprise that the influencer has a vast handbag collection that only the keenest of eyes will have picked on. Her all-time favorites include a couple bags from Hermès and Chanel

4. She jet-sets to the coolest travel destinations.


Followers of Small are treated to the coolest places only a traveler of her status can afford! From Europe to Asia, she isn’t one to shy away from taking everyone to wanderlust-inducing spots in her vlogs. Once, she even went to Bangkok simply because she was craving mango sticky rice, much to everyone’s amusement.

5. She’s friends with other crazy rich socialites, too!


Known as a social butterfly, Small maintains a circle of friends whom she regularly hangs out with. Of course, it comes as no surprise that they’re rich and affluent, too. Some of her closest girlfriends include actress and former politician Cristina Gonzalez and beauty mogul Vicki Belo. Birds of the same feather flock together, indeed!

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