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5 Tips For Surviving The First Weeks Of College

Nervous about your first few days at university? Follow these tips on going from awkward freshie to social butterfly.

It's never the easiest thing to find your footing in a new environment, as it forces you to step out of your comfort zone. Having to make new friends, good impressions, and good grades are just the tip of the campus iceberg. We haven't even mentioned the need to maintain a cool persona!

Change is scary as it is inevitable. So it's best to equip yourself with these tips that will make your college experience medal-worthy:

1. Lay Low

No matter what, we cannot help but judge others based on first impressions. Rather than make a grand entrance that may backfire on you, keep your outfit, demeanor, and presence on the down low. This makes you less of a threat to others who see everything and everyone as competition. You don't want that kind of negative energy around you, especially while you're still trying to fit in.

2. Ms. Politician

When the time comes to tread your way through nerve-wracking school hallways with all eyes sizing you up, stand proud and be approachable. When people see you're friendly and pleasant, that's a foot in the door of general acceptance.

3. Study Your Environment

Once you've given off a positive impression of yourself, naturally you'll start to accumulate acquaintances. Use this time to get to know them better. Will this person most likely cause trouble? Can they be a positive role model? Are they fun to hang out with during breaks? Will they be a good study partner? Is he/she a freeloader who will consume your food, cigs, and transportation? Those are the kinds of questions you should ask while evaluating potential friends in college.

4. Collect And Select

From this point on, you can edit as you go along and see how these people may or may not fit into your life. Some will become friends, while others will remain acquaintances. Sure enough, people change as time passes, and your friendships now may end up being one-semester things. However, through this process, you'll be able to ensure your priorities come first while you maintain your friendships.

5. School Before Cool

As much as we all want to be Ms. Popularity, make sure you are popular for the right reasons! Excel in class before anything else, and maintain a good grade point average from the start. It's best to be popular for being pretty and studious than just for being another notorious chick with no direction or drive in life. They don't call it "beauty and brains" for nothing!

Now that you've got these things covered, the rest is up to you. Just remember, it's better to play it safe at the start and let loose the reins on your personality later on. Have fun!

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