5 Ways To Make The Most Of Your Local Trips

No plans to travel abroad this summer? Don't fret; there's loads to do here in the country! Here, Cosmo's tips on finding destinations and staying safe (and fit!) when you roam.

We know you all want to visit the States, go shopping in Hong Kong, or go backpacking across Europe, but the reality is, most of us have neither the time nor funds to spare for frequent extravagant trips. Here's what we here at Cosmo have got to say to you: Explore our local hotspots!

For one thing, it's easier to plan and convince your friends to come along on a trip that isn't too far or expensive. And another plus is, you get to rediscover our nation's own beauty that we tend to overlook for foreign expeditions. Here are five things you should do to kick-start a new adventure right here in our country--and to make the most of every trip, wherever you decide to go.

1. Do your research.

Spontaneous trips are great for making unexpected discoveries, but you can maximize your travel time by looking up your intended destinations in advance for the cost of accomodations, a list of local sights, and transportation necessities. For inspiration and tips on where to go, check out Basta Pinas, a new online campaign sponsored by Bonamine, a pill to help ease motion sickness and dizziness, in partnership with the Department of Tourism. The campaign advocates domestic tourism by inviting Filipinos to view their homeland from a fresh perspective. This isn't the first time Bonamine has participated in local tourism efforts (remember the "Tara Na, Biyahe Tayo!" music video back in 2003?). Watch for their official website in collaboration with the photography group Chasing Light!

Speaking of Bonamine, be sure to pack some in your medicine case or kikay kit, just in case you get motion sickness when you travel by bus, plane, ship/boat, or other forms of transportation. Which brings us to our next tip...

2. Be prepared for anything.

Make sure you stay safe on the road this summer. Drives up to Baguio or down to Batangas can be long and stressful, but you must be sure to prepare for any sort of emergency. Experts at the Ford Motor Company say, "Weather conditions in the Philippines have been quite unpredictable, so make sure you're carrying the essentials in case you get stuck or stranded. We recommend your list include water, blankets, granola bars, a few road flares, a good flashlight (and extra batteries), and jumper cables."

3. Keep your eyes and ears open for hotel and resort packages/deals.

Yes, some hotels and resorts jack up their rates the moment summer rolls around (peak season rates are way higher than non-peak rates), but there are a lot of hotels and resorts that come up with great packages to help you save loads of bucks when you're determined to have a summer getaway. Check online for the best accommodation and tour packages in diffirent provinces around the country.

If you're a Cosmo chick living in the province and would like an urban getaway to Manila, troop on over to Ortigas for a change of atmosphere and pick a hotel resort. Until May 31, the Edsa Shangri-La Manila is offering two packages for summer: "The EDSA Weekender" and the "Weekend 2 + 1" packs. Spend a relaxing night out with your man, or have some pool-side fun with your barkada in the city! Check out promo details here to learn more.

4. Stay in shape before, during, and after the trip.

If you're hitting the beach, yes, you do have to work to get those abs you're aching to have. A combination of cardio, crunches, stretching exercises, and a healthy diet should do the trick. You could also try yoga.

But, staying in shape doesn't stop once you're on the trip. We're not saying you should waste precious vacation time working out in the hotel gym, but you never know what you may end up getting into this summer, so don't fall into the trap of pigging out and letting your figure go once you finally hit the road. Activities like hiking, rock climbing, kayaking, surfing, sight-seeing, or any other recreational activity unique to your destination can be turned into fitness (calorie-burning) opportunities, too!

You can also keep fit while on the go with a mobile fitness device like Slendertone Flex, a new abdominal workout belt that can be worn discreetly under your clothing while you're on the road or in flight so you don't waste a moment of your day sweating it out. Its clinically-proven Electronic Muscle Stimulation technology mimics natural body movements and promises visible results in as soon as eight weeks! Wear it for 20 minutes a day to get the equivalent of 120 sit-ups. Check out selected R.O.X. outlets for this compact travel companion.

5. Protect your belongings.

One of the biggest hurdles when traveling, whether around the Philippines or abroad, is keeping your possessions safe from cunning and determined pickpockets and thieves. You must have a reliable bag that would keep your most valuable possessions (passport, cash, credit card, and plane ticket) safe. Try those from Pacsafe, whose products are designed with anti-theft features like slash-proof straps, eXomesh slash guard panels, smart zipper security, and an RFID Passport Protector that blocks transmissions of identity thieves. You can also opt for the Family Travel Organizer, which can hold belongings of the whole family. Best of all, they're small, portable, and come in a variety of colors, so you don't draw too much attention to your most valuable possessions.

What other fresh new travel tips can you share with your fellow Cosmo chicks? Share them when you comment!

With reports from Trixie Reyna

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