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5 Ways To Maximize Your Bathroom Space

What clutter?!

1. Use side tables or shelves.

An old side table with drawers or shelves can serve as storage for bulky items like bath supplies and towels. This is an excellent solution if you have a freestanding sink without a countertop.

2. Use smaller and decorative containers.

Placing jumbo family-size bottles of lotion and hand soap by your sink will eat up precious countertop area. Dispense them in smaller, more decorative containers to save space. They look better this way, too. A tip: you can use cleaned-out hotel toiletry containers for this.

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3. Bring out the towels.

Another space-saving way to store hand or face towels is to roll or fold them and place them in baskets standing up. If you wish for these to be used by guests, don’t forget to place a little “hamper’’ for used ones nearby.

4. Use open shelves.

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Open shelves are ideal for towels. Always keep them neatly folded (or for face towels, rolled) so your bathroom will look orderly.

5. Use boxes and baskets for storage.

Sturdy storage boxes are versatile in bathrooms—they can be piled up to make vertical storage, or used to hide toiletries and magazines. Shove them under the sink to maximize space. 

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