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5 Ways To Stay Focused While Going Through A Big Life Switch

Changes come with discomfort, here’s how you can deal with that.

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Change is inevitable. No matter how big or small, meaningful switches matter. We must find the grace and flexibility to go through life switches in everything we do. Whether for your career or your relationship, things are constantly moving and extending. 

It can be incredibly intimidating when you find yourself in a complete mess, disorganized, and overwhelmed by the series of events leading to a big switch. But you don’t have to worry about that because that’s part of the challenge. It makes you a better, stronger, and more confident person in more ways than one.

Here are some ways to focus while going through a big life switch.


Embracing big life decisions allows you to adapt and prepare yourself for the change that is about to happen. Denying your situation can only lead to more stress and difficulty moving forward. A part of this acknowledgment is accepting you will have to deal with stress once in a while. But once you learn to acknowledge the shift you’re about to make. You’ll be able to organize and go on with the following steps almost flawlessly.

Write the pros and cons

List down the positive and negative things that could come out with your decision. This way, you can look forward to the good stuff you can get from this or find initial solutions or preparations for the challenges that may arise. Change allows us to grow, so anticipate the good and bad that you can learn from this.

Stick to a routine

Are you moving to a new job? Before you do so, ensure that you have not left out on pending projects and give your colleagues a brief on what you’ll be leaving behind. Try to stick out to your usual routine at work and home if you have time. Sticking to your routine gives you a sense of familiarity and comfort amid the significant changes you’re about to make. It also gives you time to reflect on things you want to improve or include in your next journey.

Ask for support

You can’t do everything on your own. Knowing when to ask for help or support is a sign of strength. It means you’re well-rounded enough to believe the people around you. When life gets stuffy, ask the support from people you trust, family or friends. You might even be surprised by the help these people can offer you.

Take a breather

Take a break. You earned this! Before fully taking on that big life switch, get a much-needed breather. It can be as simple as taking a day off and relaxing on your own or treating yourself to your favorite meal. Rewarding yourself is a way to replenish energy and prepare yourself for challenges ahead.


Going through a switch is no walk in the park, and these ladies know exactly what is up. From simple changes like waking up early for work to genuinely appreciating being in the moment, they mustered the determination to start doing something fresh for themselves.

Content creator Lou Sanchez said she has started dedicating her mornings to herself. “Waking up earlier and dedicating my early mornings to myself made me more focused at work. I am not stressing myself out anymore.”

For Iman Medina, being in the moment is the switch she’s choosing. “During 2021, I noticed that I have been so hyper-focused on superficial things. This year, I switched from genuinely being in the moment.”

Martha Sta. Barbara is focusing on removing self-doubt and choosing the skin she’s in. “My beauty journey was very frustrating in the beginning. I was trying to be somebody else. One day I told myself, I’m just gonna stop this. I’m going to love my skin color.”

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