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6 Sneaky Ways to Save This Holiday Season

How to get away with being "kuripot" for the holidays!

Does it seem like your Christmas gift list doubled this year? No one likes being a Grinch, but we don’t think going broke is also on a Cosmo girl’s wish list. Giving great gifts does not have to mean welcoming the new year with a pool of debt. Here, six ways to save this season (yes, it’s possible!):

1. Stick to a shopping list.
Start with a list of people you plan on shopping for, and it’s totally okay not to include all of your friends and followers on Instagram. Seeing all those names written down gives you a sense of how much you need to spend. Set a deadline on finishing the list, too. Adding “just one more friend” to the list every day simply defeats the purpose.


2. Check out group buying sites.
If you haven’t tried out group buying sites such as Metrodeal and Cash Cash Pinoy, this is the perfect time to open your laptop and get started. The discounts can be great, and some selections can’t be found in malls. Just make sure to go to reliable sites and to read the fine print: validity dates and conditions can get tricky.

3. Gift your time and talent.
If you’ve got the skills to be the next Martha Stewart, go ahead and channel your DIY skills: bake your famous chocolate chip cookies, or craft a chunky necklace for your BFF. You can even offer your other skills as gifts: offer to do nail art for your fave cousin, or propose to style your sister’s outfit on her next big date—there are lots more gifts that do not require having your credit card swiped.

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4. Simplify your holiday parties.
Skip the top-shelf liquor and mix your own cocktails! Also, use items you already have for decorating—holiday parties are more often about the company than the fancy décor.

5. Shop online.
This is one season when shopping online gives you extra perks: you save on gas money and parking fees. Plus, you can also pocket the extra cash you would have otherwise spent on coffee breaks in between gift shopping! (Check out our online shopping recommendations here!)


6. Stop shopping for yourself.
It happens to the best of us: we go shopping to cross out some names on our list, and we end up buying an item or two for ourselves. Resist the urge to snap up another pair of cute flats on sale and focus on the reason for the shopping trip.

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