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6 Struggles Millennials Know All Too Well

You have A LOT of questions that can't easily be Googled.

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1. No one takes us seriously.

Since the term “Millennial” was coined, we’ve all been studied, analyzed, and judged like we’re a new species of humankind. Suddenly, we're branded as self-entitled job-hoppers who have unrealistic expectations of others and ourselves. Talk about judging a book by its cover!

2. Everybody in our workplace thinks we’re spoiled.

Wait, how and why exactly were we branded “spoiled" anyway? Is it because we asked for a bigger salary upon signing? Is it because we clock out early to go to the gym or go to the next raket? Is it because we like standing out during meetings and brainstorming sessions? Setting high expectations for ourselves and for our work doesn’t mean we’re self-absorbed. It shows that we're very well aware of what’s happening around us and how our economy is faring, making us more conscious of our career and life decisions.

3. We seem to jump ship all the time.

Why are we not committing long enough to our jobs and our employers? Maybe it’s because we feel frustrated about the way people are treating us at the office, or because we feel the need to step up and grow constantly. Millennials are really good multitaskers, so we can’t afford to feel stuck in a job just because it’s convenient or practical. We’re a generation that wants to learn while earning, and that’s not a bad thing.

4. Dating has become incredibly difficult.

ICYMI, social media happened. Can you just imagine how complicated it is to break up with a guy whose mother is your friend on Facebook? Ugh.

5. We're not all party animals, you know.

When you’re a twentysomething, people seem to expect that you’ll have all the energy in the world to party with your friends every Friday night. Besides, we don’t always have the money to go out and party (thanks to our suuuper high paying jobs). Most days, our budgets would only be good for a bowl of microwaveable popcorn and a streamed movie.

6. There is never enough time and money to do the things you’d love to do.

We all want to be creative and passionate and there are a million things we would love to do if only we had the resources and the time. A lot of us would love to make films, or write novels, or learn to code, or volunteer at NGOs, but because we have jobs to maintain, rakets to get to, and bank accounts to fill, we let our passions take a backseat and think that somehow, someday, we will be able to make a living out of our hobbies and be truly happy.

We could go on all day talking about the things that bother us as Millennials (a.k.a Gen Y), but we know you already have your fair share of struggles, which resulted in so many questions and so much anxieties.

But there’s always a way to get answers to all your "Whys" when you’re from Generation Y (see what we did there?). So now the final question would be: why can’t all your struggles be answered by a single life-changing opportunity? That one that will give the stability you seek and the freedom that you need? Maybe that opportunity exists!

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