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6 Things To Do When You're Feeling Overworked

Because you CAN do something about it!
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There's nothing worse than already feeling so tired but knowing that you still have work to do. Can you relate? Here are six ways to counter that:

1. Take the day off.

Craving to get away from noisy alarms, heavy traffic, and people hounding you for requirements? Take advantage of your VLs and grab the opportunity to recharge, stat!

2. Make sure you don't look it.

One thing worse than feeling overworked is looking like you hadn't slept in over 48 hours. Our tip? Hide signs of pagod so you can feel more confident whenever you see yourself on a reflective surface (like your dimmed computer screen).

3. Talk to your boss.

If you've been feeling this way for quite a while now, then it probably means there's a more efficient way to do things. Do you feel like your job requires the effort of two or three people? Do you work an 8-to-6 job but often go home at 9? It's time to talk to your boss.

4. Head to the salon.

Don't you just love the feeling of walking out of the salon with freshly styled locks? That "ang ganda ganda ko" disposition can make all your pagod go away! Plus, a new look will give you the confidence to go on with your daily grind.

5. Work out.

We get it—you're probably thinking, "Why will I tire myself out even more when I'm already exhausted?" A Princeton study states that exercise will help you deal with stress by not letting you get as affected by it. Tamad to work out? Here's how to exercise in bed (and no, we don't mean sex)!

6. Go shopping.

It's called retail ~*therapy*~ for a reason! After all the hours you've put in, you deserve to get yourself something with your hard-earned money. Looking for pretty pleats and cute cut-out tops? Stella and Liberté, exclusive Ladies Wear brands available at the Robinsons Department Store, have just that! Check out the pieces from their New Romantics collection and make sure to celebrate love this holiday season:

How about you, CGs? What do you do when you're feeling overworked? Visit Robinsons Department Store's Facebook page, and share it with us!

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