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6 Things We Always Fight With Our Moms About

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We may be living in a time of advanced technology, but there are just some things in this world that remain unexplained—like the complexities of a mother-daughter relationship. For instance, you guys could be the best of friends one moment, and bicker non-stop the next. Why? No one will ever know.

Below are just six of the reasons behind your one too many fights:

Your Bad Taste in Men

Remember that guy your mom didn't like? You know, the one who turned out to be a heartless jerk? Guess she was right all along, huh? It's hard to explain, but every mom has this superpower of sorts (read: mother's instinct) that helps her sense if a guy's good for her daughter or not. You can argue with her all you want, but she always proves herself right in the end.

Your Dysfunctional Friendships

A mother's instinct not only detects crappy boyfriends, but the wrong crowd, too. Yup, there's a reason why she doesn't want you hanging out with what's-her-name despite the countless times you assured her that what's-her-name is an awesome friend.

Your Fashion and Beauty Choices

Who hasn't had the infamous "Isn't that skirt too short?" argument or "Please tell me you're not wearing black lipstick to the reunion!" fight with their mothers? Yup, it can be a real bummer sometimes, but just think of it as your mom's way of saving you from cringeworthy photos and your lola's disapproving stare.

Your Lack of Time for Her

Your mom isn't just making papansin whenever she picks a fight with you for not visiting or calling her often. She misses you, and she's trying to make you see that by dropping not-so-subtle hints.

Her Never-Ending Questions

It's normal to ask questions about your career, love life, and future in general, but it's a whole new ball game when those questions start coming from your mother. "Why aren't you dating anyone?" "When are you going to give me grandkids?" "Why don't you start looking for a better job?" #TOOMUCHPRESSURE                                                     

Her Being Too Makulit

Remember all those times your mom forced you to eat veggies when you were young? Or the huge fight you guys had when you went home drunk? You may be a grown woman now, but you'll always be her baby. That's why she doesn't get tired of reminding you every day to take your vitamins and ditch the fast food. She may be super makulit sometimes, but it's just her way of making sure you're okay.

Aside from these six, NESTLÉ FITNESSE rounded up a few more things you and your mom could be fighting about in this video.

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