6 Things You Shouldn't Settle For

“Good enough” is not good enough.
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Your boyfriend forgot your anniversary. Again. Before that, he forgot your birthday. Again. And you’re still here, grinning and bearing it. Girl, you’re obviously settling.

Whether in your relationship or in your career, settling for less than you deserve is dangerous because once it becomes a habit, it’s harder to escape it—setting you up for more disappointment and zapping your self-esteem in the long run. If you find yourself guilty of settling for any of the things below, have the courage to do what’s actually good for you and get rid of them, stat!

1. Your jerk of a boyfriend

You stick with him because you think you can change him, and besides, it’s better than being alone. DUMP HIM. The sooner you do, the sooner you make yourself available for the man who won’t just remember your anniversary, but your monthsaries, too.

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2. Your good-for-partying-and-nothing-else friends

They’re there when you need a drink, but when you’re in real need, guess who’s suddenly unavailable? Expect that as you get older, these “friends” will start dropping like flies. Better drop them now, and hang out with folks who’ll actually visit you when you’re in the hospital.

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3. Your heap of cheap beauty products 

Sure, you have a mountain of hair products jostling for space in your bathroom shelf, but none of these bring out the goddess you are. You deserve things that make you look and feel your best so pick your products carefully. Pantene 3 Minute Miracle, for example, goes beyond your conditioner's usual wash-and-wear effects and nourishes every strand of your hair.

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4. Your bad health choices

You stuff yourself with soda and refuse to squeeze in a minute of exercise in a week because it’s easier than actually making an effort to get healthy. Your body deserves to be taken care of better than that, because here’s a harsh truth: You’re not going to be young forever.

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5. Your dumpy apartment

You slave away all day at work, and you reward yourself by coming home to a tiny, gloomy room you share with an army of cockroaches. If you can’t afford to upgrade to nicer digs, do some decorating on your own so your home becomes the happy place you deserve. 

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6. Your lousy job 

Whether you’re in a company that offers you no growth or in a job you’re only in for the money, hand in that resignation letter. While it’s scary to go back out into the world unemployed, we still say congratulations: You are now free to pursue work you will actually love.

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