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7 Things The Only Single Girl In The Barkada Knows To Be True

Ang hirap nang magyaya!

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It happens. You used to get together for coffee at least once a week, schedule spa sessions every end of the month, and plan vacations to Subic or Baler every long weekend, until one by one, all of your friends start getting into serious relationships. Now, you're the only single girl left in the barkada. Ang hirap nang magyaya! But that's not the only thing. Here, seven things that you might be able to relate to. 

1. Everyone wants to set you up.
Your friend Stacey's boyfriend has an officemate who also happens to be single. After you meet him, there's this guy that your other friend, Maya, thinks you'll click with. Really, guys, can't a girl just be single?

2. You always feel like the odd woman out.
Especially during barkada excursions! On the roller coaster, ikaw lang ang walang katabi. When assigning hotel rooms, ikaw lang ang walang roommate. Meals that are good for two—well, you get the picture. 

3. Or an adopted child.
Got nothing going on this weekend? Your friend and her boyfriend will always offer to take you in. While you're grateful for "mom" and "dad," it also makes you wonder if they, hmm, secretly feel sorry for you. 

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4. Friends start tiptoeing around the subject of marriage.
Those who used to crack single girl jokes all the time are now uncomfortable making them in your presence. Honestly, you're okay with being single. It's the fact that they feel awkward that makes you feel awkward. 

5. And there's a bit of pressure to date.
There are times when you feel the weight of being the only single girl in the group, so you make an effort to go out evenwhenyoudon'treallyfeellikeit. And when you do go out, you feel like everyone is invested. 

6. But you also have a larger support system.
Walang pwedeng umaway sayo. Everyone has your back, not just your friends, but their respective partners too.

7. And develop a different perspective.
You may be the only single girl left in your group, but having seen everyone's love story unfold, you find yourself understanding a lot more about what it takes to make a relationship work than what other people might think. And whether your status changes or not, you'll at least be all the wiser for it. 

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