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7 Things You Should Do Instead Of Texting Him

You can thank us later.

1. Go out for a run.
It will help clear your head and realize that texting him is a big mistake.

2. Blast Taylor Swift’s 1989 and have a dance party in your room.
Because Taylor understands.

3. Call your best friend.
You can count on her to give you a reality check.

4. Write down whatever you want to say to him in your journal.
If you really need to let your feelings out, write it down. That way you will get it out of your chest with no consequences.

5. Go shopping.
This will definitely take your mind off him.

6. Treat yourself to one of your guilty pleasures.
Likfe a 15-minute face mask at home. Instant gratification.

7. Get a mani-pedi or a haircut.
Look good, feel good.

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