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7 Ways Commuting Can Be A Bitch

You’re always on ninja mode, and it's tiring.

1. Taxi drivers can be rude as hell. They choose their passengers, pad your fare, and expect you to give up your change in exchange for their subpar taxi ride. This is why transportation apps like Uber and GrabCar are a godsend!

2. You’re sweaty AF before you even get to school or the office! Have you ever taken the MRT during morning rush? Yup, you’re a prime victim for pit stains pre-work, girl!

3. Let’s not even start with the putok of others. No amount of effort you give by drowning yourself in a cheery Spotify playlist will distract from the mixed stench of sweat and damit na hindi natuyo! Kadiri!

4. You’re always on ninja mode, which can be tiring. Because you know it’s not safe. Despite having to deal with leering men, you’re always worried that your phone or wallet will be snatched in some form of modus operandi. #ThirdWorldProblems

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5. There are just too many people! NO JOKE! Ang dami, guys!

6. You always have to leave at least three hours ahead of schedule. Leave the house at 5:30am to make it to your 9:00am clock-in. SO. MUCH. FUN.

7. You’re never in a good mood when you get to your destination. Re-read numbers 1 to 6. Wish you had a helicopter, dontcha? 

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