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8 Signs Your BFF Is Really Your Frenemy

She's seeing your ex-boyfriend now.

1. She flakes on your plans last minute. Every. Freakin’. Time.

2. During convos, she sneakily throws shade at you whenever she gets the chance. Then of course, she’ll apologize and say that she wasn’t aware she was being a bitchy. There’s a word for people who are bitchy. It’s called a “bitch.”

3. Whenever you tell her you like a guy, suddenly she thinks he's cute too, and flirts with him. What kind of a friend is that?

4. Whenever people give you any positive attention, she can’t stand not having the limelight. “Look at me!” and “Notice me!” are two of her favorite sentences in the English language.

5. In the same way, every time you’ve got something good going for you, she finds a way to burst your bubble. Got a promotion? “My salary is still higher than yours.” Going on a vacation to Thailand? “That place sucks.” Got an awesome date? “Mukha siyang paa!” With her, there’s just no winning.

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6. She never replies to your messages. Ever.

7. When you’re down in the dumps and feeling like shit, she’s never around when you need her. It’s always one excuse piled onto another about why she couldn’t be there to console you when you didn’t get that dream job or when your boyfriend broke up with you.

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8. You’re always wondering why you guys are BFFs in the first place. CG, if you even have to ask then it’s probably not the bond you thought it was in the first place.