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8 Relationship Lessons You'll Learn From Dogs And Not Men

Yes, I learned the importance of communication from my dog. #noshame
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1. Greet every day with a smile.

It's so easy to be grumpy because you haven't had that first cup of coffee. But seeing your dog wag his tail and greet you with puppy kisses is a great reminder to take a breather.


2. Live in the moment.

My dog’s morning walk consists of the same route around my neighborhood, yet he never gets bored of it. Even if he's walked past the same lamp post 100 times before, he remains perpetually curious. When you're with someone, be present instead of getting distracted by Pokémon Go.


3. People are not mind readers.

Getting mad at someone for not reading your mind is pointless, whether it’s a guy who won’t reply to your text, or your dog who won’t wait to do number two outside. When I was in a relationship, I sometimes expected my partner to magically know what I wanted–and I got upset when he didn’t. But as a dog owner, I learned that my expectations must be crystal clear for them to be met. Yes, I learned the importance of communication from my dog. #noshame

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4. Boundaries are important.

Dogs do well when they have a daily routine and are aware of house rules. Girls are happy when their boyfriends don't leave the toilet seat up, or leave their tsinelas by the door for us to trip on. Clear boundaries lead to healthy relationships.

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5. Shouting does nothing.

Potty training my dog taught me one of the most important relationship lessons of my life: If you get angry and raise your voice, your dog only learns to fear or mistrust you. If you explain things calmly, you will eventually be understood. You may have to repeat yourself several times, but he'll get there in the end. Yes, I'm talking about the dog (but this can also apply to the boyfriend).

6. Chase that ball!

If you want something, go get it! Don't wait around for something to happen—you'll only be disappointed when opportunities pass you by. So if you like someone but he's torpe, it's the 21st century: girls can make the first move!

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7. Having a bad day? Let them make you laugh.

Sometimes the last thing you want to do is be happy, and when someone is in your face trying to make you laugh, all you want to do is punch them in the face. But when you have a dog, they don't really listen when you say “go away.” Plus, those kawawa eyes are killer, amirite?!

Pretty soon you give in and throw their toy, and before you know it, you are smiling again. Don’t ruin your boyfriend's attempts to put you in a good mood. Once you get the ball rolling (pun intended), you’ll wonder why you were sad in the first place.


8. Love daily.

Every single day, your dog will want your attention, licking your face and wagging its tail when it sees you walk through the door after a long commute from work. Even if you've just yelled at them, they still want to cuddle with you. And they forgive you without making tampo. No matter what, dogs love you unconditionally. Why don't you try to show that kind of love in your relationship? 

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